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Your two-wheel ride may be your most valuable asset in your life. You might hold it in high regard because you have bought it with hard-earned money. A motorcycle looks simple from the outside, but there is so much more that you should know about before you embark on it, or even after it.

There are some interesting parts of your motorcycle that you possibly could be un-aware of by now, and you must know about them. There are many different kinds of motorcycles, including sport, touring, dirt bikes, etc. Here we will talk about motorcycle accessories that are usually common in most types of motorcycles.

Following we will be listing down ten important accessories of a motorcycle that should be well immersed into your memory so that every time you go and sit on your bike you just recall whatever you have read today:

  1. Battery

Like in every vehicle and also in a motorcycle as well, the battery is by far one of the most important parts of the vehicle. It provides the vehicle with a burst of energy instantly and keeps the bike running inflow. The chemical composition of a battery is interesting. The plates are then coated with positive or negative charges. Positive charges are associated with Lead Dioxide, and negative charges are associated with Sponge Lead.

  1. Brakes

This accessory is very important in high-pressure situations. All is good, and you are cruising on the empty road until an old man comes right in front of you, that is when you need this tool the most, and that is when you realize you need to know more about it because what if one day it malfunctions at 3 AM, you do not have any mechanic nearby. You have to fix it yourself to reach your destination.

Brakes are usually of two types. The first one is a “drum” and the second one is the “disc”. The disc brakes are well known for their superior stopping power and hence are well-suited for either big and heavy bikes or wet conditions. They are usually present in motorcycles that have a capacity of more than 500 CC. They are also famous for expensive motorcycles so that the owner can easily flex his "Brakes"!

  1. Suspension

Suspensions are strong spring-like objects situated beneath the handle of your bike. They have two distinct and important purposes for the rider. The first one is in the case of bumps and rocks. It successfully isolates the passenger from bumps which are a good sign because it keeps the passenger safe and comfortable in all situations. Moreover, it also aids in braking of the vehicle and keeping it in control if anything unusual takes place.

  1. Crash Protection guard

On an unfortunate day, you might bump into another car or a bike rider which could result in damage to your bike and some kind of injury on your body. These protection guards are usually made of hard, resistant plastic and are placed near the tires to protect the important parts of the bike from breaking during any unfortunate accident.

  1. Carburetor

Combustion is a very important process as it gives energy to a vehicle through burning and combining chemical substances. In the case of a bike, the carburetor combines both fuel and air and combusts them together. It also looks like a small yet interesting heart for the bike's tin. The structure of it is made of metal, and it also contains chambers along with tubes and valves. Overall, it is essential for the functioning of the bike as it works with direct relation with the engine.

  1. Chain

Another important accessory is a chain that acts as a connection between two parts of the bike. It is like the connecting server between two important phases in a computer. The connection of the transmission with the rear-wheel takes place through a chain. It also converts chemical power into physical power. The engine provides the chemical energy to the chain and converts it into physical motion energy for the bike to move.

This conversion is really important as without it, and the bike would have just remained still where it is. An alternative of the chain may be a rubber belt, but that is not widely used as the chain is better suited to the system and the physical performance of the bike on any fine day. May it be sunny, rainy, windy or whatever, the chain will do its job just like mother nature does its job by changing from day to night and then from night to day every day. Hence, the chain of the bike may be insignificant for you, but when it breaks, that is when its real importance comes into your mind.

  1. Clutch

Just like the role of any other accessory, the clutch is also very important although it sounds simple it is not. It includes the transmission of power. The clutch works on the principle of friction. When two rough clutch plates come in contact, they become and work as a single unit. It involves the transmission of motion from one component to the other. It transmits the torque from the engine to the drivetrain. It also ensures the enabling of smooth vehicle movement and reduces the vibration in the vehicle.

  1. Exhaust system

The engine for sure does produce waste gases as in almost every chemical reaction production of waste gases does take place. It does this by using a tailpipe which guides the gases into the outside world. Some people get their exhaust system painted, and some get it decorated with stickers just to look cool and interesting rather than just driving around a cliché bike which I believe is a good thing and should be promoted everywhere.

  1. Filters

There are two kinds of filters present in the bike, oil filter, and air filter. Both of them have distinct functions and importance to the vehicle. The air filter protects it from dust and other debris to stay away from the engine, ensuring its effectiveness. It has two layers for better functioning. Whereas the inner layer intakes the function of tapping out rather smaller particles from getting inside the engine. The oil filter performs the function of keeping gunky particulars out of the oil so that it does not jump up the engine from performing better.

  1. Kickstand

Last but not the east, the kickstand! This comes into most important when you have to stop by for a second, and you have nowhere to park. The kickstand ensures that the bike remains in a standing position and also makes sure the bike does not fall over while the rider is still sitting on it while chilling with his friends. You might want to get a high-quality kickstand to ensure that it does not break out quickly and lasts for a longer period with you.


All of these accessories are the most important for you to know. Although there are many others, these are the ones without which the bike can barely function. Even when you go out to buy a new bike for yourself, make sure to check that these essential parts are in good condition and when you got for a test drive just see that is every part doing tits function as stated above. Some bikes may look different, but almost all of them will have these parts.

Remember to be safe and secure and wear a helmet when you ride a bike. Also, remember that speed thrills, but also kills so please accelerate to the point where you can handle and not above it because none of us would want to end in a hospital after a night out without friends. It is better to be precautious. For teenagers acquiring bikes as a fashion, please take all the necessary security measures and then enjoy as long as you can.


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