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In order to make decisions that would not come back to haunt you, one needs to take time to consider all information that is relevant to making that decision.

For any decision making, information is vital. It even requires more detailed thinking and analysis when you need to part with your money in making a purchase decision but information can be gotten from anywhere nowadays. Check the internet and you will be overwhelmed to see all sorts of information on almost everything: this makes you prone to making mistakes in your decisions.

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Now that you have an idea of how vital information is to make reliable decisions, let’s dive right into what decision symbolizes.


Decision making is the process of making choices by identifying a decision, gathering information, and assessing alternative resolutions. there are seven key steps to making any decision, and these include:

1. Identify the decision.
2. Gather relevant information.
3. Identify the alternatives.
4. Weigh the evidence.
5. Choose among the alternatives.
6. Take action.
7. Review your decision.


Information is the lifeblood of any decision. Various alternatives are generated on the basis of the information that has been gathered.


1. Assess your needs: First, you must decide on the type of car you need. People look for different things in a car. Some want something that can move them from one place to another, others want a ride that exudes class while some care about speed! The list is never-ending, so ask yourself what you need from your car before even going about deciding on any.

2. Set Your Budget: Man can buy anything that he desires, if only if he has financial resources in abundance but sadly, this is not the case in reality. Before settling for any vehicle, think about how you want to finance your purchase.

3. Consider various cars that fit your budget: On the basis of your budget, look at the various cars that fit into your budget, then gather information about each of the alternatives that you have so you can make the best purchase decision.
Almost on a daily basis, new cars hitting the market so you may want to bide your time before fixing your mind on a car, lest you overlook a better choice.

4. Set up a test drive: Once you have decided on your choice of car. Book an appointment for a test drive. While test driving, make sure to look out for everything and ask even the questions you consider to be stupid. No question is stupid when it comes to buying decisions.

It is also highly recommended that you test drive more than one car so you keep your options open peradventure your choice of car didn’t live up to the hype!

Once you have done the aforementioned, and you are satisfied with what you see. The next and final step is to choose your car and complete the steps to becoming a car owner!


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