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Do you have a non-running car? Are you trying to get rid of it and wondering how to get the best value out of the car? Well, the value of a car that does not run anymore depends on many factors. Data shows that most junk vehicles are worth 20-40 percent of their cost. However, the exact value of the vehicle depends on multiple factors. If you wish to sell your junk vehicle, knowing the factors that determine its value will be helpful.

Factors that determine the value of a non-running car

If you are trying to get rid of your junk vehicle and looking for Cash for Cars Sydneyit is good to know what factors play a role in determining the value of your car.

  1. Current price of scrap: This is the most critical factor in determining the vehicle's resale value. Most of the junkyards purchase a non-running car for the metal rather than the components. Even if your car looks good, if the price of scrap metal is low, you should be ready for a smaller payout.
  2. Model and make: Make, model and year of the car will determine the payout you will receive. These factors determine the demand for the vehicles, that is how the value of salvaged cars depends on them.
  3. Condition of the vehicle: This is the most obvious parameter. The condition has a huge role in determining how much money you will get in return for your non-running car. A mint condition car with all parts intact will fetch you more bucks than a rusty vehicle.
  4. Location: Your city and state of residence play a part in determining the value of the vehicle. The proximity to a junk or salvage yard will define how much cash you will get a payout. To get the best deal, you should look for a Free Car Removal Sydney service.

How to sell a non-running car?

You can look for a car removal service provider to get rid of your non-running car. A reliable service provider will help you sift the serious buyers from the pool of buyers. You must be cautious as there are many imposters to scam sellers. 

While selecting a car removal service, keep the below points in mind:

  • * Look for an accredited buyer who has been in the business for some time.
  • * Opt for a service that provides an online offer in a few days, as this will be a lot more convenient for you.
  • * The provider must have a nationwide network of experts who conduct home visits for a convenient, hassle-free, and private selling experience.
  • * Opt for a car removal service that offers free towing.
  • * Look for a fast payout, preferably in cash.

With the above criteria in mind, you can choose a reliable and trustworthy car selling option. Such well-known service providers will also ensure that you get the maximum value in the deal.


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