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As time slowly evaporates like hot steam in the air, the fitness industry has registered remarkable progress. It has gone through tough milestones. It has advanced from the mere compilation of garage weights and the common physical education classes. The Industry has grown to be a multi-billion empire.

The industry has been at the forefront encouraging and mobilizing people to work out so that they can maintain and improve their health. It has not been an effortless activity, it has been met with cumbersome challenges.

According to various health centres like Disease control, it has rolled out statistics that read more than 70% of Americans above the age of 20 years are overweight, which is better termed as obese. Research has put it that just enrolling to a gym membership will not be a guarantee that you’ll be fit and healthy.

Many of the gym facilities are majorly there to offer you resources that will assist you to better your health as they register hefty profits from the membership fees that you project every month. For example, the previous year, a total of over 54 million Americans had taken it as an initiative to join gym sessions. This means that all these people had paid for membership fees.

On the other hand, according to the figures, a total of about 200 million adults don’t find it necessary to hit the gym and keep fit. However, this is not an assurance that they don’t work out. The fitness industry is quite extensive and many other weird and interesting facts have faced this field.

In this century, doctors are probably the professionals that are well known to administer tales to various overweight fellows who have tight schedules to create time to work out and keep fit.

The advancements that have been witnessed in the field of technology has overseen various developments in the gym and fitness industry. Due to this, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of people that attend gym sessions.

But despite the various progress been witnessed in the industry, there is still a prominent figure of people growing obese and overweight. This has been the most significant setback that is facing the industry. Nevertheless, the industry has still been soldiering on and thriving in its major agenda, assisting people to have better health.

The following are some of the facts that face the universal fitness and health industry.


The market size of the health industry is worth $83 billion.

Whoa! Believe it or not, the fitness industry is a third of Singapore’s annual Gross Domestic Product. Besides the membership packages that various gym members go for, the athletes, the various fitness coaches and the private trainers that are hired by celebrities have expanded the market size of the industry. The previous market size of the health and fitness industry was heartbreaking.

Nobody anticipated that the market size would be this heartwarming. Currently, the industry is still making major progress in both exercise and dieting. With this compilation, the industry is becoming an irresistible gospel being spread in each and every home across the universe. The previous market size of the health and fitness industry was heartbreaking.


Over 200,000 personnel are employed by various gym stations as trainers.

It’s an uncontestable reality that the fitness and health industry has created various job opportunities for thousands of people out there. Some people have also found their career in this industry. Various youths across the universe have found something that keeps them busy avoiding drugs and all other awful engagements that put them in trouble with the law enforcement.

According to statistics, over 231,000 personnel are employed as private trainers by various people across the globe. There are those wealthy individuals that find it challenging to visit the gym and train around sweaty gym attendees and congested facilities. They prefer hiring their personal trainers who train them in the comfort of their homes or even in their offices.

The 231,000 personnel is equivalent to a quarter of the total number of all the doctors practising medicine in the USA.


Half of the total world’s population is actively involved in a single sporting activity.

As we are all aware, health is a priority in every human beings life. Working out is a key factor in a better and healthy living. Across the globe, almost all schools emphasize and have a curriculum that entails physical and health education. All the students are required to actively engage in at least one sports activity.

Leave alone young people, also adults take part in sporting activities. These activities are helpful as they assist them to manage their health which at this old age starts to deteriorate. Excluding the working lot, a significant number of people in the world’s population is engaged in a fitness and sporting program.


There has been a high demand for nutrition and supplements in the health and fitness industry.

Years back, nutritional supplements were highly consumed by bodybuilders. However, as time went by supplements like prosupps are now being made for all consumers who have the desire to have an overall well-being and liveliness.

In a span of fifteen years, the sales witnessed in the supplements and nutrition market has spiked at great figures. This has greatly encouraged other players to dive in the market coming up with products that promise consumers better health, vitality and an elixir of youth.

According to 2012 statistics, the supplement market sold products worth $96 billion. A year later, the statistics rose to around $104 billion. As time goes by its expected that there will be a 6 and 7 per cent increase in the figures.


The fitness industry is addictive to some people, they even feel guilty for missing a session.

There is a number of times that you set to attend the gym. If you fail to accomplish these set goal, you end up feeling disappointed and guilty. It’s a feeling that is unexplainable, you only stop feeling it once you attend a gym session the next day.

Failure to attend the next day makes you feel doubly guilty. You feel that attending a gym session twice will help you cover up the days that you missed. It’s always a weird feeling that you would want to get rid of.

Another fact about all the people that sign up for gym membership always says that their main aim of joining the gym is to lose their belly fat.


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