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Agility is imperative to being a tip top footy player. You have to be able to accelerate, change directions and move quickly in the pursuit of the ball, making agility one of the most important physical attributes of the great Aussie game.

So, take yourself down to the park with some of your fave AFL merchandise, and give these five agility training exercises a go - they’ll change the way you play:

  1. Dot drills

Explosive speed and agility can be achieved when you have solid leg strength, and dot drills are a great way to increase that length strength. Dot drills are one of the ways you can increase your ankle and knee strength, providing you with the additional stability you need to maintain your balance on the footy field. Dot drills are the perfect exercise for that vital change of direction footy players need.

Dot drills include placing a small “X” with tape on the ground in the pattern of a five (like those seen on dice) but you can also buy dot drill mats. You can then warm-up by jumping from dot to dot with both feet at the same time. Once you have warmed up (this should only take 30 seconds), you can then go from one foot to the other, attempting to follow the same jumping pattern.

  1. Lateral plyometric jumps

This impressive exercise helps build balance, coordination and power using our own body weight. This highly advanced exercise is perfect for any footy player looking to increase their lateral coordination and power.

  1. High-knee drills

This awesome agility exercise is designed to improve speed and foot coordination, helping you become a better player across the field. All you have to do is run with high knees across an exercise ladder or an open field.

The main thing to remember for this drill is maintaining your form: focus on landing on the balls of your and push forward with your arms. You can also use VertiMax resistance to add power and strength.

  1. Side-to-side, lateral running drills

Lateral running drills are perfect for both ankle and knee stability, making them great for your on-field agility. To maintain proper form, hold a low center of gravity and quickly step side-by-side, preferably through an exercise ladder. Continue to step both feet one at a time through each place in the ladder. Do this whilst keeping your arms forward, working to land on the balls of your feet. Keep repeating this from left to right, then right to left etc.

  1. Jumping box drills

Jumping box drills are perfect for your hamstrings, glutes and quads, and are completed by stepping into a VertiMax 8 with a medium to heavy resistance level (but this depends on your ability). Keep your knees over your toes and jump as high and fast as possible before landing safely on your feet. Repeat this drill for 10 - 20 seconds to get an outstanding workout for a variety of leg muscles.

These drills will enhance your game

Agility is one of the most important attributes of a truly good AFL player. An awesome player is just as impressive off the ball as they are on it, and so they need to be able to find themselves in positions where they can easily beat out their opponent, break free from them and find the pass or shot.

These drills will help you get there!


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