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Hemp capsules are perhaps the least appreciated form of hemp products on the market at the moment.

Despite the sheer quantity of different hemp capsules available from places like Premium Jane and others, most people feel more comfortable with things like hemp oil tinctures rather than hemp pills.

But do hemp capsules deserve a second look? And just what is it that makes hemp capsules so different from other infused products?

What Exactly Are Hemp Capsules?

Hemp capsules look just like any other capsule or pill you might find for all sorts of different medications or supplements. The only difference a hemp capsule has from other tablets is that it is filled with hemp.

Containing all of the rich phytonutrients found within hemp oils, hemp capsules allow users to enjoy a complete dose of hemp in capsule form.

The chief benefit of hemp capsules is that they are straightforward to take, not to mention discreet.

Instead of dosing out some hemp oil or preparing a hemp cigarette, users can simply swallow a convenient pill.

This is easy and means that people around you won't have to deal with potentially obnoxious hemp smoking or inquire about the oil droppers required to measure out hemp oil.

The simple design of a hemp capsule usually consists of a sugar pill that either contains gelatin or vegetable glycerin for vegan-friendly versions. Inside, there are usually no other ingredients than hemp oil.

So, how do hemp capsules weigh up against other hemp-infused products?

Hemp Capsules versus Hemp Tinctures

Hemp capsules are, in essence, the same thing as hemp tinctures, except instead of taking the oil sublingually or applying it to food or drink, users just swallow a pill.

This makes them pretty similar, differing only with regard to their method of consumption. Hemp capsules are a lot more convenient, though, and they have the significant benefit of being tasteless.

The flavor of regular hemp oils is an acquired taste, so the fact that hemp capsules are not only tasteless but can give you the same benefits is a significant benefit.

Hemp Capsules versus Hemp Edibles

Hemp edibles are another super popular hemp product available right now, sharing the same convenience of hemp capsules in how easy they are to use.

However, the main difference between hemp capsules and hemp edibles is that edibles are typically meant to be chewed. Users need to eat hemp edibles rather than just swallowing them.

Edibles tend to have exciting and unique flavor profiles. Hemp edibles definitely have the most enormous flavor range among all of the different potential hemp products, from tropical fruits to summer berries.

They lack just a little bit of the convenience of hemp capsules, though they make up for it in both edibility and the fact that they look just like regular sweets.

Hemp Capsules versus Hemp Vaping or Smoking

The most significant and likely most common method of imbibing hemp products involves smoking them. Whether that means actually lighting a hemp cigarette and smoking it or vaping it using a vaporizing pen, people have been inhaling hemp for millennia.

The significant benefit of hemp smoking is that users get to enjoy the flavors of the hemp itself; just like tobacco or other smoking products, different types of hemp have different flavors.

Whereas hemp capsules have no taste and are just about practical convenience, hemp smoking is all about flavor, as well as a bit of style. It is enjoyable and easy to walk down the road, smoking or vaping the desired amount of hemp.

However, hemp smoking is not without its risks; studies have shown that there are plenty of harmful effects of smoking hemp products, alongside the harmful effects of just smoking anything at all.

While smoking might be pretty tasty and even a little fun, it definitely isn't very safe.

Final Thoughts: How Hemp Capsules Are Different from Other Infused Products

Hemp capsules are really just another way to enjoy hemp products; they contain the same ingredients as other items, so the only real difference is the way that users take them and their price.

Thankfully, hemp capsules tend to be a little bit cheaper than other hemp products, making them the perfect option for the price-conscious hemp users out there.

Ultimately, though, the choice of what type of hemp product to enjoy is up to the user. Everyone likes something different, and there are plenty of other options out there to choose for all of us.


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