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When you’re passing by or driving around the city, backlit signs are, for the most part, very difficult to miss, especially during the night. Bright and colorful signs are some of the most, believe it or not, apparent and distinguishable objects from a passerby or a moving vehicle.

Excellent commercial signages grab peoples’ attention and mark a memorable and significant impression. There are many options to select from with regards to lighted or backlit signs. The aim is here is to create impressive and imposing signages that can, without a doubt, successfully grab the core of your brand and aid in growing your business.

Signages will boost the exposure and publicity of your brand, and assist you in attracting new potential consumers. A backlit sign is an essential investment, which is why a lot of business owners have a lighted sign. Is it the right solution for your business? For a little help, here are some of the reasons why your business can, more often than not, benefit from a backlit sign.

A Lot Of Options

Once you have decided or made up your mind about having a lighted sign for your business, you will have the luxury to browse different options. Relying upon your budget and type of industry, you will need the help of a signage expert or professional to assist you in choosing the best kind of signage for your brand.

Lightbox signs and digital LED signs are some of the most prominent commercial lighted signs today. But there are still a lot of options to select from, for instance, shieldco lobby signs, directory signs, and lighted channel letters.

So, if you want your brand to be more noticeable and attract attention, it would be best to get a lighted sign. Be sure only to get a high-quality product so that you won’t have any problems later on.

Simple and Effective

As a business owner, in many instances, you might want to have simple lighted signage. If that is the case, then lightbox signs may be, for the most part, the best and most excellent solution. A lightbox sign can aid your business to stand out and be more noticeable as they are electric signages made with a translucent panel in the front and a light inside of a box. And the best thing is that you can easily change the panels over time.

You Can Completely Customize It

Lighted or backlit signs are incredibly versatile, allowing you to customize and re-design it over time. And because of this, a lot of business owners opt for a digital, lighted sign since they are basically programmable.

You can dynamically personalize and change them with various messages, meaning business owners can experiment with different promotions and messages to aid in attracting new or potential customers. The ability to test various messages with your consumers is undoubtedly an added benefit that a business owner can get with customizable signages.

Showcase The Values Of Your Brand

Getting custom-made signage for your business will give or provide you with intangible benefits as well. The style, design, and color of a sign represent a lot of things about your brand. By solely looking at business signage, the public can make or create certain presumption or conjectures about one’s brand. A well thought out design can, for the most part, aid in conveying positive emotions like dependability, friendliness, or confidence.


The ROI or return on investment of backlit signages always, believe it or not, surpasses the initial investment. A business sign will be, for the most part, an integral part of your brand for life or until you change or upgrade it. Getting a lighted sign is much affordable, especially if you put it on overnight, compared to the price of other advertisement strategies.

Require Minimal Maintenance

Backlit signs are made with very resistant materials that are capable of holding out against exposure to the elements and years of use. So, if your business signage utilizes energy efficient LED lights, then you perhaps won’t have to be concerned or worried about changing the bulbs that often. Take note that LED bulbs has a life expectancy of about 50,000 hours.

Visible 24/7

You might be missing out on getting potential leads if your business signage is not lighted because your storefront won’t be noticeable enough. With that said, if you have a lighted sign, even when your business is not open, it will still work for your business. Passersby will undoubtedly see your sign. The more advertisement you get and the more you get to attract more customers.


The main reason why your business should have a backlit or lighted sign is to grab the attention of your audience, especially the people new to you. Whether you are a young business or a well-established one, it is quintessential to aim your attention on getting the right type of business sign outside your company.


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