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We are living in a digital age where we are more exposed to media such as television channels, internet mediums. All of us have Facebook, Instagram, etc. companies now are targeting different mediums to generate sales. In business sales are the blood which makes business alive else it would be dead. Businesses are spending a major part of their budget to increase sales. When we go to the market to buy grocery we see so many promotional offers like Shopify plus agency in Australia. You must have seen buy one get one free offer too. It's all business tactics to increase sales.

In this article, we are discussing what ways we can effectively increase our sales:

  1. Customer Retention

  2. Gain customers trust

  3. Flexible payment options

  4. Online presence

  5. Offers and free sampling

  6. Push and pull strategy

Customer Retention

Your existing customers are your biggest assets. If you give your customer value for money and they are satisfied with your product or service, they will come again. if you have failed miserably to satisfy the basic need of customer he will not buy your product and he will tell everybody he knows that don't buy this product this thing business must keep in mind.

Your existing customers can impact your business. You have to make sure you treat your customer's right otherwise their bad-mouthing can tear your image. It’s easier to retain customers then making new ones.

When a customer brings a friend with him to shop from your store give him a referral discount. It would make the customer delighted and he will do that again. Make a loyalty card for every customer and mention his card number tell him if he comes up again with a friend 20% off on referral program. It will increase customer loyalty and he will never go anywhere.

Always welcome the feedback of your existing customer so you can enhance the experience of a particular product or service ask them questions and see where you can make changes, how can you fulfill the other need which is going to arise, etc. You must have all the data of your existing customer name, age, gender, income, etc. you can make your mobile application and even your sales strategy by a team of experts like Shopify plus agency is one of them who assists you in reaching the potential.

Gain Customers trust

Many new customers want to shop from online websites but they are unable to do because they won’t trust the seller or they are not sure about product quality. If you want new customers to buy from you, you can introduce a money-back option on your website it will gain their trust and they will shop from you.

Another thing is reviews of your existing customers can play a vital role to attract new customers. Make a feedback review column on your website and display them. When new customers read the reviews he will start trusting you and chances of sales increased.

Give them after-sales service, customers buy electronic items online. Electronic items and mobile phones come with a warranty. Display on your website the warranty period. So they can trust you easily while buying the product.

Flexible payment options

When do you want to buy something you make your mind what is the one thing which comes in your mind? How you are going to make the payment? There are fraudulent activities in case of using a visa debit card and many customers are worried about that.

You must have cash on delivery option, visa card option and even customer can pay on credit. If you provide flexible payment options many customers will get attracted to you.

Many electronic shops do this that they encourage customers to pay on installments via bank. It's a very good option. Many customers can't pay at once so they can pay in installments and payments are secure as made by the bank.

Online presence

These days when businesses are focused on targeting the right customer's online presence is a very important factor. Many busy customers don't want to go shopping and want to buy online you must have an online buying system to cater to the needs of those customers.

Remember this thing If you are targeting a niche segment of society which does not watch TV don't advertise on TV, Send them brochures at home or office so they can see your offers.

The same is the case of a customer, who doesn't go to stores like new moms, old people, etc. you have to target them via mobile application or your website so they can place an order online.

Offers and free sampling

You can always gauge your customers with attractive discounts and offers. Create the need for buying through urgency for example this offer is valid for today only. Festivals are that time of year where everyone wants to buy for themselves, friends and family. Come up with different sales campaigns to attract customers like if cashback returns 20% if you pay via this credit card.

Free sampling

If you are introducing new products in the market do free sampling to your existing customers it will create a brand image. Take customers to feedback on that product especially.

If it’s a food item people will get the taste and will buy that or if they don’t like the product they will let you know. You can send samples at home too so people can test your product many makeup giants like Sephora and Ultra are doing it.

Push and Pull strategy

Push and pull strategy is a design by marketers to target the supply chain. It means you are channelizing your product in such a way that it will give you benefits. You buy in bulk or negotiate with the supplier for a discount when you get a discount you pass that to the end-user. You can do this with your retail partner or with your raw material supplier.

It will benefit the business in the long run but the business has to make sure to make its position strong as its working as an intermediary between the two and they should not get direct.

Targeting the right customer

Many prospective customers are interested in buying the product but they are unable to do so. They might like the product but they don't have cash in hand business can target those customers by introducing new customer credit options so the customer can at least try the product and make a purchase or give them test samples so they can try the product.

For online customers, many customers will the cart and then leave the website you can fill a form on a website and send them offers later as they can be your prospective customers they have already shown interest.

You can also keep a check on the number of visits on the website by a particular customer it means he is checking stuff and prices.


For the sales process, you have to do proper mapping of how you are going to approach the customer. Your current customer's feedback is required to do any changing in product and even in new product development. Sales is an essential element to sustain in any business make sure you have a great sales strategy to target the actual customer. You have to provide benefits in terms of discounts and credit terms so the customer can be facilitated and ease of buying the product.


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