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Australia is a state that occupies a full continental territory. Five major cities with the largest population: Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. According to the rating of the Economist Intelligence Unit, this country takes 7th place in the ranking of the prosperity of the countries of the world. According to the Bloomberg Rankings rating, this country is in 6th place where it is best to do business. By the size of the territory, this country ranks sixth. This continent consists of the Australian mainland and islands. The largest island is the island of Tasmania.

You can even take the services of the best Business Registration Service to help you in developing the plans for your business while the legalities can be dealt with by other agencies.

Company registration in Australia

  • An Australian company is a solid partnership with suppliers and contractors, which accordingly gives it a solid status.

  • There is no minimum capital requirement for setting up an Australian company

  • It is easy for an Australian company to open bank accounts around the world.

  • Registration of a company in Australia takes 1 day and is possible online.

Why register your brand?

Your brand is your name, term, sign, design, symbol or combination of these that is assigned to a product, service or company in order to identify and differentiate it from competitors' products.

Therefore the brand is the business identity of your business. If you lose it, you lose your business, since your products or services are 100% associated with your brand.

Importance of the brand for a business

These are some of the valuable actions that represent having your own brand:

  • Distinguish yourself from competitors.

  • Prove that your quality system expands to all your products/services represented by the brand.

  • Preserve and multiply the investments you make for the future.

  • The brand helps you convert the reputation and fame you get for each product/service and gives it a market value.

  • Develop loyalty to your company.

  • Make your business more attractive to future investors.

Therefore it is important to register your brand to:

  • Protect your assets and your business.

  • Aid new opportunities may come for the development of your business.

How does the unregistered brand affect your business?

If your trademark is not registered, it would mean that any person, whether physical or moral, could register it for their own benefit, using your business identity, and may even block your business activity and impose a fine for the use of a registered trademark.

If a stranger registered your trademark, in order to recover it and avoid paying fines, legal proceedings need to be initiated. During the time that these procedures last, which can be extended and last for years, you will not be able to use your brand.

The legal constitution of a company is the first step to start a solid, transparent and directed business towards growth. Only in this way will it be possible to sign contracts with future clients, participate in tenders, or generate invoices and other tax documents.

Checklist to set up your company

  1. Confirm that you have your registered taxes that you will have to pay according to the company you’ve set up.

  2. Process or update your e-signature certificate. This is the documentation that you will have to present.

  3. Define the legal regime of the company: Run your company through the laws. This document, which gives life to the company, is made through a public notary. It stipulates all the general aspects of the business: corporate name, legal regime, objective and activity, administration, legal representatives, etc.

  4. Request authorization for the business name or business name: Get your ABN number that is your Australian Business Number. This is an 11 digit unique code for your company or business and acts as an identification for the governmental agencies. This way you can obtain the tax card of the company, essential to generate invoices, payroll receipts and to comply with all tax obligations.

  5. Register the property and obtain business sites in Australia: The state facilitates the lease, buying, and development of your commercial property if you register your business and its site in Australia. However, the approvals and different assessments for your business and the legal requirements differ between the jurisdictions. An important factor to consider is obtaining the necessary assessment certificates including the environmental assessments. This is to prove that your business has no adverse effects on the environment and if there are, your company possesses the necessary measures to mitigate the effects.

  6. Register the brands of products and services: This is an essential step for the protection of the intellectual property of the company, one of its most valuable assets.

  7. Register the business with other agencies: This will depend on whether the company starts its operation with employees or not, and on its activity. Among the most common procedures, there are those that must be done in the Ministry of Health, in the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and before delegations.

  8. Acquire the basic management software to start the operation: At a minimum, you will need an electronic billing platform. In the case of business premises or a larger company, it is most advisable to start with a business administration system, which allows managing inventories, preparing quotes, accessing accounts receivable statements or monitoring costs in real-time.


Even today it is possible to register companies with only one partner, and without the need for a deed. However, if you are going to start this process it is important to have all the necessary information to avoid mistakes and above all, wasted time and money. The most popular for starting a business in Australia are two forms of ownership - an individual entrepreneur and a limited liability company (LLC).


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