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  • Written by Jack Genesin

Facebook's targeting system helps eliminate noise to find the ideal customer. This makes Facebook ads an exceptional and inexpensive tool when you want to promote your products to a wide range of people. Using the right Facebook strategy helps companies increase their audience and improve the chance that their ads will show someone most likely to be interested in the items or services they sell. Targeting is essential for all companies of all shapes and sizes, especially retailers. Showing irrelevant ads to people on Facebook will not only reduce clicks on the site but also decrease how often ads are shown. You can target your audience on Facebook with a dozen different ad formats and thousands of possible ad targeting settings. If you are not familiar with Facebook’s Advertising platform, consider using a social media agency to help set up your account, campaigns and ads, ready for refinement.

What Is A Facebook Audience?

The "target" or "market" that you will advertise is called "audience" on Facebook. You can target very specifically, for example, based on the amount of education or income. Targeting options also include age, job title, gender, job title, etc. The options are almost limitless, indeed.

How To Use Facebook Audience Targeting For Your Retail Brand

Targeting Areas Of Interest

There are thousands of interests to use as a targeting setting on Facebook. This is based on Facebook's understanding of what users "expressed interest." This permits you to target individuals you know who are interested in similar things you sell, improving the probability that they will visit your site or buy and make a purchase. For example, you can target people interested in motorcycles: a good option if you're selling motorcycle spare parts and clothing.

Sustain Leads & Build Loyalty With Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook's custom audience is an advanced feature that allows you to connect to Facebook with your existing contacts. Highlighting your customers and users of existing applications on your favorite social network strengthens your brand, but also offers the possibility to increase the customer's lifetime value, frequency of orders, and loyalty. The personalized audience is created by downloading the customer's phone book or the address of the buyer/subscriber in the TXT format on Facebook.

Proactively Interact With Your Audience

Like most social media channels, they are designed as networks for chatting, discussing, and sharing content. As a brand, you can't forget the basic idea of ​​what makes a social media network. This means that conversation and engagement should never be forgotten. Rather, attempt to be a community for your audience. Facebook is the perfect place to organize chats or industry discussions, with a different audience and with your customers.

Plan Your Facebook Content

Content creation and sustainability are important elements of any social media strategy. On Facebook, you have many more options about the types of posts you can use. They range from state stories to group messages. With the selection of options, the specific types of content that interest your audience should also be taken into account when evaluating which Facebook marketing techniques are best for you.


When you find your Facebook ad targeting strategy, you don't have to choose one of the tips above; check out each one and see how they can adapt to different target market segments. Create characters for your ideal customers.


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