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There are several reasons why people cling to their old cars - mainly due to sentiments attached or they do not know how to get rid of it. If you want to Sell Your Car for Cash, then your best bet is to get in touch with a car wrecker such as Cash For Your Cars in Melbourne.

Old Cars Can Be Toxic and An Environmental Hazard

The exhaust from old car engines is toxic at ground level. It can cause adverse effects on the health of not only drivers but also the health of bystanders. There is no denying the fact that the automobile industry is the main source of pollution in most countries. We can’t discontinue the use of automobiles but what we can do is get rid of old cars with old engines that emit harmful gases into the environment.

Obviously, we cannot blame the automobile industry entirely for being the culprit of increasing carbon footprint. The consumers are unfortunately equally responsible. The automobile industry discontinues the manufacturing of vintage and old cars and their spare parts. It is us who keep on driving them and polluting the environment. What we can do to prevent the adverse health effects is to replace the old car that we own with more fuel-efficient versions. This way we can provide our kids with a cleaner environment to breathe in.

Older Car Models Pollute More

The old manufactured cars have the old 2-stroke oils which cause the engine to release a dark-coloured smoke, which is poisonous to human breathing. The motor oil of old cars if not disposed of properly can lead to water and soil contamination. Pollution from old car engines is one of the major causes of global warming. Greenhouse gases that are emitted from the exhaust of old cars, traps the heat in the atmosphere, which causes the temperature in the world to rise. This affects not only the health of humans but also the agriculture, wildlife, sea levels and natural landscapes. The sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide are the major emissions from cars. When these two gases mix with rainwater, it creates acid rain which can damage buildings and crops.

Cash For Your Cars is working hard to prevent Melbourne from such toxic emissions. We do this by offering Free Car Removals Melbourne and disposing of cars safely using eco-friendly standards in our salvage facility. We pay you top dollar cash for your car. So, give us a call today to Sell Your Car for Cash.


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