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If you are out searching for an accounting job, there are certain skills and tips that can increase your chances of finding your desired form of employment. Recruiters look for candidates with developed accounting skills along with several other essential soft skills that they'll need to succeed in their accounting career.

Whether you're a young graduate looking to kickstart your career or an experienced professional, these tips will help you rank the highest in accounting recruitment cycles with ease. Keep reading to learn about the top six tips to become a more competent accounting candidate. Let's dive right in!

Expertise in Latest Technology

Today, accountants not only need to be the masters of their craft but also require tech-savvy skills to stand out in the accounting recruitment process. You become instantly more valuable for a recruiter when you display that you are up-to-date with the latest technological tools and software.

As accounting and finance firms incorporate automation and advanced software in their operations, it is essential for an accountant to succeed. Here are some of the tech skills that recruiters search for in accountants:

  • Advanced Microsoft Office skills, especially Microsoft Excel.

  • Experience in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

  • Proficiency in business intelligence software

  • Proficiency in data analysis, SQL, and modelling techniques

  • Practical knowledge of Hyperion

  • Understanding of QuickBooks

Consider enrolling in online courses for learning these skills. A little effort can instantly make you desired candidate for an accounting position. Having these skills on your resume gives you an edge over another applicant instantly. It also shows the recruiter that you're proactive about your career development.

Broaden your skillset

The more skills you bring to the table, the more desirable you become as an accounting professional. It's important to acquire experience in a variety of accounting and finance tasks so you become a dynamic candidate for the recruiter. Having a broad skill set is essential in today's ever-changing market and business environment.

Find a Mentor

Having a mentor who is an experienced professional in the field is essential for succeeding in the long term. A good mentor provides advice based on their experience in the industry. Moreover, you get to learn various soft and hard skills under their mentorship. A good mentor is also an excellent source of advancing your networking skills and connecting with relevant professionals to advance your career.

Hone Your Communication Skills

Communication skills are the key to a successful accounting career. Today, it is not enough to have command over your accounting skills to succeed in the field, but you also have to work on your writing and verbal skills to make the most of your professional career.

Excellent communication skills are imperative for all leadership roles. If you work on these skills now, you will be setting yourself up for a successful and long career ahead.

Innovation and Collaboration

If you want to succeed as an accounting professional, you need to display ambition and a self-starting attitude. Taking the initiative and coming up with a creative solution for traditional problems is the quickest way to succeed as an accounting professional.

That is what accounting recruiters look for in a candidate. You need to display that you can work well with others and bring fresh ideas to the table. Teamwork and creativity are what give you an edge over other candidates.

Time Management

Good time management skills are essential for accounting professionals to succeed in their careers. The ability to meet strict client deadlines and delivering timely results is the recipe for success.

Final Words

If you're an accounting job seeker, then you need to work on additional skills to increase your value. Our top 6 tips will help you succeed in the recruitment process.


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