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Cox Plate Day is an exclusive sporting experience. The surrounding amphitheatre lends an incomparable emotional drama to the Australian race. There are many fashions on the field this day. The 2020 Cox Plate dress code for men and women is discussed below.

Style for Ladies

This day is associated with fun with your clothes, so choose bright and bold colours and make a declaration with the veil. It is a day to be fashionable and follow the trends of the platform, but the application of elegance of race day is still valid. If you use flowers, for example, choose the elusive colour of your clothes for your accessories.

You may want to select something like orange or bright yellow for contrast, but red or neon yellow shoes are hard to achieve. Luxurious colours will unify your clothes, so consider nude tones of grey, beige, white or metallic. On the contrary, if you use the block colour from head to toe, create contrast with your bag, shoes, and hat. Yellow mustard can look good with white accessories. Also, check your makeup and skincare. Make sure you look amazing.

Hats and Fascinators

Traditionally, Fascinators or hats are worn on the right side of the head and, dependent on the style, tend slightly forward. When you consider your fascinator, check for three key elements: a feather, a base, plus a grid. This is what creates balance and harmony in a fascinator.

Men's style


Dress for Cox Plate day. This year is about experimenting with textures and colours. Focus on wool linen, linen, contrasting patterns, and light colours. Do not forget fit and comfort, because the race day outfit should appear elegant but also be comfortable. Suits made from a mixture of linen and wool tend to be lighter and less structured. Ideally, the lawsuit should not seem cruel. You should wear a loose sweater on the shoulders with a good coat on the whole body. pants and Waist must be tapered, not tight.


Regular white shirts are no longer mandatory or trend for Cox Plate Day. Make sure the shirt colour matches positively with the tie you choose. However, if it is a white shirt, choose a long collar and some texture to distinguish it. Patterns such as checks and floras are a great brand.


The high-quality suit must be accompanied by good running shoes. Leather oxford shoes are popular, and loafers (horse-bit and suede) are also a practical option in the spring carnival.


In general, colours should be simple and not exceed patterns. Avoid too wide ties, try to combine your tie’s width with suit lapel. Finally, matching a printed with a printed shirt is a certain no.

Lapel Pins

It is popular with racing enthusiasts, just ensure the colour is right for your suit. There are many awesome horse racing caps available on the track for a small fee.

Pocket Squares

They are not mandatory, but they are highly suggested. The rule is to avoid combining a square pocket and a tie. Else, you can select any colour or style you want.


Although the Cox Plate starting time has not yet been set for this year, you can go through the previous Cox Plate odds which will change mainly in the pre-race period, but those who bet before will get better odds, be sure to keep in touch so you don't miss anything.


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