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Implementing an onboarding system helps managers and human resources streamline and ensure due diligence with new candidates or interviewees. It removes the administrative burden. It also standardises the initial process, which means your new hire’s experience is consistent and appropriate for the role. It assists with compliance, ensuring emails are not lost, the process is centralised and accessible by all. 

Let’s uncover all the aspects and the need for an automated process.

Close the deal with a user-centric onboarding experience 

Ever heard ‘the customer comes first, or ‘the customer is always right, ‘closing the loop’? As a service provider, customer care is one of the central pillars for running a successful business. In the recruitment industry, your clients are companies and businesses but also candidates and applicants looking for work.

In recruitment, you have to close the deal with the candidate through seamless processes this is what candidates have come to expect.  These automated steps help increase retention. You need to show that you are in line and tuned with the latest HR technology and provide a self-service option so that there is less reliance on people to drive the process. This will surely help you increase your success rate.  

A solid user experience 

Do you know what your candidates want? Understanding the expectations of candidates is essential.  You need to understand what the candidate wants from their onboarding experience and show them that you can provide that level of service and opportunity to them by customising your offering. What you do and how you do it should speak to the candidates and helps promote your employer brand.

If candidates are unsure of the processes this could result in:

  • * A delay in their responses to an email 
  • * Failure to submit documents  
  • * Slow response times
  • * Hesitation in returning back credentials and details

This is an indication to you that you have to nail down your process of onboarding and close the loop. As the recruiter, you are driving this process, and the urgency of processing a candidate needs to start with you. Being clear about how you are going to choreograph the flow of information is what you should be aiming for. 

The ability to highlight trends and perform data analysis 

Adopt HR technology that will help you improve your offering to your clients. Some clients value quality of service rather than price. If you expand your offerings to your client, you not only stand out from your competitors but also retain your clients without dropping your price.   

The ability to run processes that are not people dependent

Treating the process with the highest amount of urgency is another crucial factor. Availability and being approachable are key drives but they cost a business time. .. Your company culture should show how much you value your candidates. As a leader or manager, you should be investing in processes and HR technology to close these loops to close the loopholes caused by delayed responses and lack of attention. 

Getting HR onboarding software that enables automation will close the gap and ensure a consistent approach to managing your requirements, contractors, permanent, casual workers alike. Communicate deadlines and precise requirements to your candidates, don’t leave things open to ambiguity, misinterpretation. All those are a sign of an imperfect onboarding process. 

Stay engaged with your processes and utilise your team to ensure that the HR technology that you adopt works for you. Keep track of new onboarding software; for instance, if you use Workforce One, tools like Onboarded (free version) can help with onboarding directly from inside the ATS console. Take advantage of technology that can work with your recruitment systems and add value to your processes. HR technology enables you to control stages of the recruitment process to help you increase candidate retention. You need to carefully consider the steps in the process of automation and make it work for you.   Provide a personal experience for the candidates. Software technology can do this for you; you need to look for the right one for your business. 

Ultimately, you want a fully informed candidate, who has met all the documentation requirements and ticks all the boxes so that you can successfully place them in their new role. There are lots of new platforms that integrate with most recruitment software platforms. 


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