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RPL is the abbreviation of Recognition of Prior Learning. It is a certification system that checks the authenticity of a skilled worker's experience and skill. This is a popular certification valid only in Australia acquired by tons of people each year. If you know what the benefits of RPL are, it'll become clear why RPL makes people successful.

  1. RPL is the fastest Certification
  2. Cheaper Alternative Qualification
  3. RPL allows everyone to get a qualification
  4. RPL values informal education
  5. Solidifies a purpose
  6. Opportunity to branch out
  7. RPL serves as a step to Starting a business
  8. Opportunity for PR
  9. Sense of achievement

RPL is The Fastest Qualification

RPL is the fastest qualification on planet earth. A diploma, bachelor's usually requires two to three years to complete. But you save your time by opting for RPL. RPL usually takes four to five weeks. But if you want to get qualified and certified before you can even finish a cup of coffee, then you should contact Educube. Educube is the fastest RPL agent in entire Australia; they can get their students RPL certified within two to three weeks.

Students who do not want to spend years getting a certificate love RPL. Because it literally saves them years of hassle. Of Course, RPL is not equal to a bachelor's or a diploma. Still, it is necessary to get promotions and move up the ladder of success.

RPL is The Cheapest Qualification

How much fee do you have to pay to get a bachelor's degree? The average bachelor's degree in Australia costs around Twenty Thousand AUD. At the same time, an RPL qualification costs about 2000 AUD.

RPL is literally ten times cheaper than a traditional bachelor's degree. Though these are not of equal value, RPL does get the job done by qualifying individuals.

RPL Can Get Everyone Qualified

Non-traditional students are the people who never had any education can also opt-in for RPL. People with no college or diploma degree can apply for RPL. There is no gender, age, or any pre-requisite restriction on RPL.

Anyone with relevant industry experience can get qualified for RPL. All you need is just enough industry experience to get your Skills Certified.

RPL Acknowledges Informal Education

Not a lot of informal education gets recognition. But in Australia, any of your industry-relevant experience can be certified. By doing this, RPL opens the door for many career opportunities you never thought you had.

RPL Gives A Purpose

RPL validates the reason to learn and opt-in for informal education. Without a purpose, a man is like a ship without a compass. RPL is something that the students achieve all by themselves. It gives the students something to look forward to. 

RPL Opens Door for Growth

The RPL certification opens the door to other programs in your industry. It allows you to branch out to different career opportunities. Let say if you're in the construction industry; then you can also go for

  • Certificate III In Painting and Decorating
  • Certificate III In-Wall and Ceiling Lining
  • Certificate IV In Building and Construction

If you love cooking, then you can get Certificate III in Commercial Cookery.

Once you complete the pre-requisite course, you can expand and apply for Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery. RPL allows students to progress further in their industry.

From RPL to Tradie Business

Just like you can opt-in for more courses to further your qualifications. You can also branch out to start your own business. RPL certification is actually serves as a pre-requisite to get a tradie license for starting your business. We compiled a short step by step guide to your business

  1. Get RPL certification
  2. Get your license based on State
  3. Structure and register your business
  4. Get insurance
  5. Hire new recruits
  6. Set up a website with a blog
  7. Implement SEO strategies
  8. Set aside a monthly budget for Facebook and google ads

RPL Can Help with Migration

RPL can serve as a migration booster for non-natives looking for permanent residency. To apply for permanent residence, you need to work at least four years in Australia. RPL enables you to have a job and maintain a good job reputation as well.

The Australian Government Department of Immigration accepts RPL certificates as well. So, this is another win as well.

RPL Provides A Sense of Achievement

Students that skipped college or university often have regrets about not completing their degree. A sense of failure, depression can take over their minds. RPL can provide a sense of achievement for students. It enhances their self-esteem as they progress through the entire RPL qualification program.

Now that you know all RPL can do, you should have no doubt why it can lead to a successful career. There are many RPL agents in Australia; Educube is one of those companies that genuinely care about the RPL students and the Tradie Community. If you're thinking about getting qualified for your experiences, then act fast get certified.


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