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No matter if you own an industry or not, safety must be a number one priority in any case. If you own a factory or a workplace, there must be arrangements that are enough to stop any kind of threat or theft. There are many products available in the market which you can buy and install in your industry to make it safer and better. Some solutions must be added to the overall infrastructure of the factory to make it a safe place to work. If you own a factory, check out the walkie reach stacker in Australia which is a useful product for easing the day-to-day activities in the factory.

  1. Install CCTV Cameras:

Installing CCTV cameras has been an unsaid and unaddressed obligation if you own an industry or even if you don’t. CCTV cameras make sure to capture any kind of illicit activity happening around the factory. May it be a conflict between workers, or a worker trying to steal something from the factory, it is all captured in the CCTV camera which can be used as evidence to prove the act of guilt.

In case of any factory invasion also, there will be footage of everything that happened and you will be ready to call the police at the time of emergency.

  1. Appoint A Security Guard:

No matter how much technologically advanced a factory can be, keeping the ground rules set is something that must be done in any case. The truth of the matter is that a security guard has to be present in the factory to protect you from any kind of thief invasion. The security guard will be ready with a gun in his hands and make sure that the robbery can be stopped as soon as possible.

CCTV can just make you aware that there is an invasion, but security guards can act on it.

  1. Install Metal Detectors:

If you have visited big malls and jewelry stores, you must have noticed a machine which is installed at the entrance of the place which beeps after you cross through it. It is a metal and bomb detector that is installed to ensure the safety of the people inside the place. You can install these metal and bomb detectors at your factory also to make sure that there is no theft to the place and the people inside who are working productively are safe and secure.

These metal detectors are available in a specialized market hence you have to find the place where these are sold.

  1. Install Sensors Over The Lockers:

A factory is a place where a huge amount of cash flowed almost every day and every moment. There must be a locker for the cash to get stored and retrieved when it is needed. These lockers are sensitive points for theft as every thief would like to have cash in his pocket. Make sure to install sensors over the lockers which will make you aware in case of an invasion.


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