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  • Written by Chris Dennis

A key to responding to tenders is demonstrating what makes your company different to every other company. Are you showing your company as a ‘me too’ or as the leader in your field.

I know essentially you and your competitors are similar. Each of you are:

  • following the same industry rules

  • have staff or contractors

  • have learnt your trade

  • use the same tools


So how do you demonstrate that you are different to everyone else.


This is the million dollar question!


Most tenders have the following types of questions that require your answer.

How would you answer these real Tender Questions

The four questions below have been taken from different tenders as an example.


  1. State your involvement in activities which involve the use of leading technologies, innovative solutions and best practice that have resulted in “value for money” improvements.

  2. ABC Company is keep to support innovation and explore any “value add” option tenderers may feel could be available within the scope of the project. Tenderers are required to identify such options and express them in writing.

  3. Give an example of where you have implemented an idea that resulted in benefit for your client?

  4. Do you have any ideas currently that could reduce costs for ABC Company?


Essentially they all ask for the same information, just worded differently.

How you answer these questions, will determine how your business is perceived by the reviewers of the tender response.


Is your business a leader or a follower - a ”me too” business


Write down in dot points, what you think your answer would cover.


Ok Stop reading right now, come back once you have written down your answer(s).


Ok, you have written down your answers – Awesome, keep reading, otherwise don’t miss this opportunity to really think about what you would write today.


So how do you answer them?

You could use motherhood statements like

  • We have the best people

  • We use the best project management software to manage the project

  • We have been in business for 20 years

  • We are the most reliable company

  • We use the best equipment


These type of statements are all “me too” follower statements, because everyone uses them.

Areas for Thought

So what is the best way to answer these types of questions?

  • Think about your entire business - not just what the client sees when your onsite.

  • Think about what projects you have completed, where you were able to save your client stress, headaches, time, money. You know those projects that you have gone above and beyond. Tell the story of what the problems were and what you did to solve them. Then what that meant to your business and your clients business.

  • Think about what internal projects you have done that has streamlined processes. It could be finance, operational, technology, people management etc.

  • Think about future projects that will save time, money, increase safety etc

  • Think about if you have implemented a different use of a tool for example a tool that makes it so you don’t have to bend down and hurt your back.

  • Do you use stilts?

  • Do you use software programs to keep track of your licences and those of your teams

  • Do you use software to schedule appropriately licensed members.

  • Have you implemented an amazing induction program for new team members

  • Do you do something different in toolbox meetings to ensure compliance

  • You may have a different way of incenting your team for awesome work.

  • Have you implemented something that will transform your industry

  • How do you encourage your workers to improve your business and /or the customer experience?

  • What is your vision for your business – is it to be a disruptor in the industry or just follow the norm.

  • Is your business leading the way in the industry – implementing improvements?


All of the answers can be included in your innovation or value add response in your tenders.


Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” - Steve Jobs



However just saying you are innovative and add value to your clients, isn’t enough. Always make sure that you add some quantifying information as well.

What do I mean my quantifying? Great question

  • Always include what problem you needed to solve.

  • What you did to solve it.

  • And what the end result is.

For example -

The Problem:

Wasted productive time for the team driving to various locations


Implemented a true scheduling system which schedules the team based on skills and geography


  • Savings of 15 hours per week of team drive time.

  • 95% of our projects being completed on time and under budget.

  • Client savings of 10% through the reduction of company overheads.


Did you notice all of the outcomes are quantifiable? To use quantifiable outcomes, you will need to keep company statistics.


Caveat: Now this is an example only. Is this possible, maybe. Please don’t use this example unless, its true. Only ever put information in a tender response that is true.


What you can do today

Do you make sure your clients, know what sets you apart from the pack?


Take a look at your answers from the above exercise, Now that you have read the rest of the article. What can you add or remove from your answers.


Have a look at your previous tender responses and look for the innovation or value added questions.


So are you a leader or follower in your industry?

Could you have responded showing your business as a leader?


If you would like to ask any questions of our Tendering Expert. Send an email to: Chris will happily answer those questions.


Happy successful Tendering and quoting

Chris Dennis

Win Win Tendering

0400 097 161


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Author: Chris Dennis from Win Win Tendering and Tendering University



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