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Nadja Swarovski to head the Jury

LONDON, Sept. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Top cosmetics and food products or hotel services would often deserve more attention. The Global Beauty & Wellness Awards (GBWA) helps innovators to become new industry blockbusters while informing consumers about the latest trends.



The GBWA is a truly global and independent award, with a highly prestigious jury headed by Nadja Swarovski, Board Member of the global fine jewelry and crystal creation house. Other members like Aseem Puri, Unilever's International CMO, one of the top 100 marketing professionals of the world, further strengthen the authority of the award. The GBWA invites the full vertical of the cosmetics, personal care, organic food and nutritional supplement industries and hotels with wellness services as well as inventors of new fitness technologies to apply.

Why do brands prefer the GBWA?

The Global Beauty & Wellness Awards is a merit-based award system, similar to the Nobel Awards in science. Industry experts state that the GBWA brings real and rare branding USP for brands, since the marketing value of being a finalist or an award winner and being able to put a prestigious label on product packaging results in unique growth opportunities for brands, offline and online alike.

An award of real prestige

Other jury members include Henrik Mansson, former global SVP HR of the Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts, just like further former and current international FMCG "C"-level executives from Reckitt Benckiser, a global hotel property investor with the Meridien Hotel in his portfolio, a noted US beauty blogger or the President and Founder of the Wellness Tourism Association.

Nominations are open now with product submissions to be completed by the end of September. Decisions will be made by the middle of October and an online Awards ceremony is planned by early November. 

The GBWA is the only global awards system for the cosmetics, personal care, wellness, fitness, organic food and the nutritional supplement industries, which is independent of any corporate sponsors or media entities. Award judging is fully merit based. Awards Team and project operations are supported by Dublin based Follow Me Agency, founder of the second-largest influencer Beauty & Trend Festival and Award in Europe, Amcity B.V. in Holland and the Global Wellbeing Society, a non-profit company in London involving UK, Dutch, Mexican and Hungarian team members.

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The Global Beauty and Wellness Awards 2020 - Nominations openThe official Global Beauty & Wellness Awards label for winners and finalists


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