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There is no doubt that putting an interesting piece of art in any room will help to transform the whole atmosphere and the same rules apply when it comes to how you feel. There have been many studies on the subject and all have found that just looking at art can provide you with a positive impact on both your physical and mental health. Our medical practitioners are always telling us that we need to reduce our stress levels and we need to step back from the edge when it comes to the number of hours that we put into the office every single week.

Introducing art into your life and particularly abstract art will go a long way to making you feel a lot better than you currently are, giving you something else to think about rather than work issues. We are all completely different and so what you might find interesting in a piece of art may not be someone else’s piece of cake and that’s the beauty about it all because it encourages discussion. There are also many health benefits to be enjoyed when surrounding yourself with art in Australia and the following are just some of those.

  • It reduces your stress levels – Every day many Australians are worrying about how they’re going to keep their jobs and how they’re going to pay their bills as well as many other stressful situations that they find themselves in. We all need to take a moment to ourselves so that we can gather our thoughts and taking the time to look at a beautiful piece of art is known as art therapy and it has been proven to reduce your stress levels.
  • A moment to just switch off - We all have our faces buried in our digital devices almost every minute of the day and it is taking its toll on our mental health and communication skills. We all need to just take a moment to switch off from all of this technology and to enjoy something that is truly beautiful and absolutely original.
  • It gets the brain working - We are naturally inclined to try to figure out what something is when we look at it and so if we are looking at a particular piece of abstract art then we are always trying to find meaning in it for us. When you are immersed in a piece of art then it gets the neurons firing in your head which leads to more positive feelings. Many people claim to have some kind of emotional attachment to a piece of art and that helps to increase their appreciation even more.

It seems clear then that looking at art and surrounding yourself with art brings about many positive health benefits. It is entirely possible to hang paintings around your home and your place of business to encourage more free thinking and maybe to get your employees to start thinking outside the box for a change.


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