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Slovenia, a green cycling paradise in the heart of Europe, is a producer of some of the world's best cyclists and most diverse biking trails

LJUBLJANA, Slovenia, Sept. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Slovenia, one of the greenest and safest countries in the world, bearing the Green & Safe label, is a land of active people and extraordinary sporting super-heroes. After the historic success of Slovenian cyclists at the top of the overall rankings at the Tour de France, many have been asking how a nation of two million can be so successful. There are many reasons. Most of them have to do with the individual efforts and skills of @rogla (Primož Roglič) and @TamauPogi (Tadej Pogačar). Many others are explained below.


Roglič and Pogačar: Slovenian Cycling super-heroesRoglič and Pogačar: Slovenian Cycling super-heroes


The love of sports is written in Slovenians' genes.

Slovenia is extremely diverse, offering a huge variety of outdoor activities. It's almost Europe in your pocket. The urban/rural ratio is roughly 50-50, so, nature is just around the corner for most people. Combined with a pleasant climate, Slovenia offers some of the most beautiful biking trails in the world and attracts a wealth of cyclists virtually the whole year round.

Everything is so near in Slovenia and distances between different regions are easily overcome. You can head uphill for mountain biking trails, with numerous trails suitable for beginners and world-class cyclists. Some mountain bikers prefer the idyllic Alpine atmosphere and rocky paths, while others enjoy the green hills more. In Slovenia, you can do both. The Julian Alps with Kranjska Gora and Soča Valley, or Koroška region in the Northeast, are some of the most breathtaking cycling destinations, while Rogla and Mariborsko Zreško Pohorje are a paradise for all road cyclers, with a unique microclimate providing athletes with perfect summer training conditions. The TRANS Slovenia route is the most popular among MTB enthusiasts. Adrenaline lovers can visit MTB parks; one of the most popular can be found in Kočevje in the shelter of mighty trees.

There is also plenty of opportunities to discover Slovenian cities by bike, or take a ride among wine-growing hills to taste traditional Slovenian culinary delights. It all depends on your personality, but there is something for everyone.

Sport has a special place in Slovenia. This year, on 23rd of September, we celebrate a new national holiday – Day of Slovenian Sport. Read MORE.

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