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TBO Group Unveils Rebrand to Capture Global Travel Needs

New customer-centric brand identity, name and tagline to reflect the brand's growth to a global travel distribution platform

DUBAI, UAE, March 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- TBO Group, a leading global travel distribution platform with over one million hotels on its platform and 100,000 buyers across more than 110 countries, is unveiling its new expression of customer-centric brand name - TBO.COM, logo and tagline - "Travel Simplified."

As the world prepares for the resurgence of travel demand, TBO.COM is opting for a new distinctive identity with colors that reflects the brand's core values. The new positioning marks a pivotal moment for the brand looking to simplify the complex business of travel for buyers and suppliers, by bringing a comprehensive suite of travel products and services on one platform.

From an updated look and feel to expanded product offering, TBO.COM is looking to multiply its efforts to deliver on travel buyers and suppliers wants and needs in an ever evolving world.

A wide variety of hotels, destinations and packages are now available at competitive prices. With booker incentives and rewards, costs and related complexities are reduced while dynamic pricing, 56 available currencies and cross-border payment further ease the booking experience.

Moreover, suppliers have instant access to more than 100,000 buyers across over 110 countries. With access to the rewards program, TBO+, and the knowledge sharing platform, TBO Academy, supply partners can seamlessly achieve marketing objectives and promote their brands and destinations.

On this occasion, Gaurav Bhatnagar, Joint Managing Director, TBO.COM said, "We are happy to introduce our new identity as part of the evolution of our company's brand. We hope the new Travel Simplified proposition will enhance our position as a leading global travel distribution platform and further drive business growth to our partners."

He added, "Travelers around the world are now looking to maximize their time and to get the most out of their overall travel experience. By combining the benefits of ease of use, convenience and speed, we are focusing on connecting buyers and suppliers and simplifying travel's complex ecosystem for enhanced experiences."

By building towards creating one of the easiest booking journey possible, TBO.COM aims to become a travel partner that simplifies travel for everyone, and deliver memorable and enjoyable experiences across the world.


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