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A Polo shirt is a staple in every man’s wardrobe. You will hardly find a man’s wardrobe that doesn’t have at least one Polo shirt. Although most of the wardrobes will have multiple Polo shirts hanging proudly. Some even have entire sections of their wardrobes dedicated to Polo shirts. That is because the Polo shirt is a timeless and evergreen T-shirt that has survived the test of time beautifully and is still very much important to many men. For some of the men out there, it is an obsession. They can’t wait to get their hands on the newest Polo shirt that they spot in the market as they pass by. They wear these shirts all the time and sometimes have multiple shirts in the same color so that if one gets damaged, somehow, they have something to replace it with quickly. Almost everyone is either like this or knows someone who is like this. Hey, some people collect Jordans, some people love corduroys, you on the other hand love Polo. You can’t get enough of them. There’s a reason why people love polo shirts for men so much. It is almost like an addiction. Here we are going to discuss the ten signs that you are obsessed with Polo shirts. Some of these signs are pretty obvious and some of them will have your head buzzing. So read on and let’s find out just how much you love your Polo shirts.

Here are the ten signs which prove that you’re a Polo shirt junkie:

1. You Have a Polo Shirt in Every Imaginable Color

Men usually stick to a few selected colors like blue, white, black, grey or neutrals. But you, on the other hand, have a wardrobe that looks like you have a collection of Polo shirts with varying colors. You have every color that ever came out in a Polo shirt as well as patterns and you can’t be more proud of yourself for it. You find yourself spending time in front of your wardrobe thinking about all the events that you have to go to and which Polo shirt will be the most suitable for it.

In your wardrobe, everything else that can be squeezed in is either shoved in a corner or rolled up in the back. On the other hand, the major part of your closet is dedicated to your Polo shirts hanging one after the other sparkling in the sunlight. You have even started thinking about somehow changing the shoe compartment so that you can fit in some more Polo shirts.

2. Every Other Type of Shirt is Just a Shirt

For you, only a Polo shirt has the right to be called by its full name. All the other shirts that exist in the universe or that may exist in the universe (you don’t know all of them) are just shirts. You don’t even know how many other types of shirts you own. For you, the only shirt worth owning is the Polo shirt.

You also find it offensive when other people refer to the great Polo shirt as a ‘shirt’. You sometimes feel like correcting everyone that you encounter and who dares to call a Polo shirt by any other name. The people who do it a lot are not in your good books right now. Calm down! They’re just people.

3. You are Not Ashamed at Being Seen in the Polo Shop Every Other Day

You normally wouldn’t be caught in the same store twice, but as long as you have to buy a Polo, you can overlook this part. The store manager and you are on a first-name basis and all the staff knows you intimately. You know whose child is sick and who is having problems with their marriage. They have sometimes jokingly told you that if it wasn’t for you, they would have shut down the store ages ago. You are the bread and butter of the store.

Even if things are not that extreme, you still find yourself going to the shop again and again. You tell yourself that you are just going to browse and not buy anything, but mostly when you exit the store, you have a Polo shirt tucked in your arms.

4. You Prioritize Events Based on Whether You Can Wear a Polo Shirt

A black-tie event? You can’t wear a Polo shirt for that!’ You shout out indignantly and throw your hands into the air. When will these people learn?

Nothing like that has happened…yet, but it might. You have a polo shirt only rule and you prioritize all the events that you have to go to according to that rule. You have worn a Polo shirt in concerts, at Coachella, even to a friend’s wedding once. You hate going to formal events and you hate to dress up for the parties as you have to wear something other than your oh so favorite Polo shirt! The only thing that you like is that a lot of events now don’t have a very strict rule about clothes and you can easily don a Polo and get away with it.

5. You Can't-Wait Till Casual Fridays at Work

You either work for yourself or you work in a super free environment were as long as you don’t come wearing a pair of shorts, you are good. Even if you do work in an office, you can’t wait for the casual dress day so that you can rock the latest of your Polo collection and turn all your colleagues jealous. And to tell the truth, most of them are. There’s a timeless look that a Polo shirt gives that you can’t have otherwise.

6. You Can List a Whole Bunch of Colors and Patterns That it is Available in

You are the walking, talking Polo catalog. If there is a color or a pattern or a design in the market, you know what it is. You can recite a long list of all the colors that the Polo shirt has ever come out with and you can tell someone about all the patterns that they are available in. People come to you for Polo fashion advice with questions like what can they wear with Polo. How to dress for the winter and what type of shoes or sandals can they pair them with.

7. Your Favorite outfit is a Polo Shirt With Anything Else

This one is pretty obvious but we have listed it nonetheless. Your favorite dress is a Polo shirt with anything else. You can rock a Polo shirt with jeans, shorts, khakis, or any other type of bottoms that you have. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing flip flops, sandals, casual shoes, or formal shoes, they all go perfectly with your Polo shirt.

8. You Know All About the Fabrics That it is Available In

You don’t just know the colors, patterns, and designs that the shirt comes in, you can also list down all the fabrics as well as their pros and cons. Before becoming a Polo enthusiast (we’re not going to use the word ‘addict’) you only knew cotton and maybe polyester. Now you are the expert when it comes to recognizing a fake Polo from miles away and just by touching the fabric you can tell someone whether they should have it or not. You never would have believed when you were younger that you would be able to tell the difference between pique and jersey, but the time has arrived and you cannot be more proud of yourself.

9. You Are Emotionally Attached to Every Polo Shirt That You Own

Every Polo shirt that you own has a story and every story is deeply etched in your mind. When you are putting the shirt on, you remember the story and might get a little misty in the eyes. You have a hard time letting go as you are so powerfully connected with every one of those shirts. It is like losing a piece of yourself. Since every shirt has so many memories attached to it. For example memories of you wearing it on different occasions that even if the shirt is all worn out you don't feel like getting rid of it.

10. Your Amazon Cart is Full of Polo Shirts Waiting to Be Purchased

Polo shirts don’t have ‘customers’ or ‘buyers’ or the worst of all ‘consumers’. Polo shirts either go to good homes or they go to bad ones where they are not taken care of. If you open your Amazon Cart right now, you will find a bunch of Polo shirts that you are trying to rescue so that they end up with someone who will love them, cherish them, protect them, be proud of them…so on and so forth. You get the point.


What it all comes down to is this, you are the official Polo aficionado. You are the connoisseur when it comes to Polo shirts and you say it out loud and proud. We get it. So go and get some more Polo shirts and wear them with style.


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