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China Matters' Feature: How did Honolulu and Zhongshan create intertwining legacies?

BEIJING, Jan. 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- What do Honolulu and the city of Zhongshan thousands of miles away have in common? Why did these two seemingly unrelated places become sister cities in 1997?

It's reported that 80% of Chinese and Chinese Americans living in Honolulu come from China's Zhongshan. The story of the little-known connection dates back to the 1800s, when Zhongshan-born Dr. Sun Yat-sen spent many of his young years studying in Honolulu. Dr. Sun Yat-sen was a historical figure of epic proportions in China, having led the revolution that ended dynasty rule and officially brought China into the modern era.

The connection between Honolulu and Zhongshan remains strong today with many Zhongshan natives residing in Hawaii. The Cheng family has lived in Honolulu for some time now. Cheng Minxing often traveled back and forth raising money for building a new school in Zhongshan. Overseas Zhongshan natives are also giving their left behind houses a new lease on life, working together with young business-owners in Zhongshan to transform these historical homes into stores and workshops.

In this video, we follow Professor Mark Jayne as he dives into the intertwined relationship between Honolulu and Zhongshan. He visits former Honolulu resident Cheng Minxing and his newly built school in Zhongshan and visits a historical house that has been renovated into a workshop for traditional Chinese instruments.

How are overseas Chinese communities solidifying the links between Honolulu and Zhongshan? How does their work carry on the legacies?  Check the video to see more interesting stories of these two cities.

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