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Sim is something that everyone needed to use the cellphone. Sim and mobile is the pair which everyone needed, and because of this, most of the companies offer sim with the new mobile phone set.

There is the number of companies that are providing cellular Sims services like USA SIMCARD and also providing sim cards as well. This service is not only making it possible to reach out to the people across the world, but also it is helping to reduce the distance from the world. Now it's very easy for you to connect with the people across the globe, which is possible by the cellular services available.

What are the things you need to do when you first insert the sim?

Inserting the sim

Firstly, turn off your mobile as the phone needs to turn off the phone correctly. Now lookup for the sim card slot to insert the sim correctly for the right place. It depends upon the phone; either the sim card is to be placed by removing the back cover or by removing the sim card slot tray.


As there are several phones so it is very obvious that the phone settings vary from phone to can also contact the phone manufacturer but also you can have an option for the tap on the settings for sim cards.

Lookup for the carrier data of the sim card. If the sim card is not inserted correctly or the sim card is not inserted there is always an indication that it is showing on your mobile phone which says "sim slot empty".

Status of the sim:

Inserting the sim and checking the sim card status is very important. The status shows whether you have inserted the sim correctly.

By opening the setting app of the phone tap about the phone and then go to status and then go to sim status now tab on the sim card which you need, you will get the information of the sim you have tab for, by looking up for the sim status you will also get the information related to the sim signals, whether the sim is 3g, 4g or 2g for the internet, its service, and its roaming.

Name changing:

There are most of the people who prefer to change the name of the sim according to their own choice of preference. To have the name changed according to your own choice, you need to follow the instructions that are as follows:

Tap on the phone settings and then go for changing the name of a sim and then ADD the name according to your own choice and then press OK


Assigning the sim card activities:

Some activities are not according to your budget in sim card packages either the sim card is prepaid or postpaid, so you need to look up for the activities that are according to your own need and according to the budget and which is not heavy to your pocket.

For this you need to assign the activities according to your preferences to the sim:

First, you need to go to sim card settings and then go to preferred SIM, and then assign the activities to a sim card.

For mobile data: tap on the sim card on the preference for mobile data

For calls: go to sim card that you need to choose for your calls, make sure to choose the sim card that has strong signals with the lower price of calling

Messages: choosing the sim card, which is according to the preference of messaging activities.

Privacy and safety settings:

It is very important to choose the settings that are required for safety purposes. As it is necessary for the sim as well as for the mobile phone to be protected from the strangers as well as for your privacy.

For this,

Open your phone setting app, go to security and then go to set up sim card lock option, if there are two sims in your mobile then you need to tab for sim you need security. Then go for the Simcard locking option, and insert the PIN, if you haven’t chosen the PIN, then choose it wisely and then click on OK.

ALSO, if you want to change the PIN, and then go to the change pin option, then add the old password and put the new password and tap the OK button


For unlocking the sim card, you need to enter the pin in your mobile phone screen; also when unlocking the sim, you need to unlock the sim1 first and then the second sim.

Make sure to add the pin correctly, as your sim will be a lock if you insert the pin incorrect, for three times. So be careful while inserting the pin and make sure that you do not compromise your privacy.

Also, the PIN passcode will not be shared with others as it must be kept secret from others for the sake of your privacy concern.


While you are choosing any sim for your phone, make sure to know the phone as well as of the sim. The knowledge about the sim, its network, services, and packages play a very important part. Also about the mobile, as there are multiple sizes of Sims available, but you need to choose the sim according to the size of sim card slot either your phone is supporting Nano size sim or micro size sim. Also, it is very important for you to know whether your cellphone is supporting the mobile data, i.e., 5g 4g, 3g or 2g, so choose the sim according to the requirement of the phone.

Correctly inserting the sim so that you will not end up with the broken sim card slot. To have full advantages of the sim card, you know the sim and its services.


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