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  • Written by Anna Melnikova
If we take a look at the list of games to be released in 2020, we can see that there are many impressive titles: Vampire The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2, System Shock, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Watch Dogs Legion, and many more. (If you're interested in casino games, let's note that many developers will release their new Virtual Reality slot machines later this year) But when we're talking about 2020 video game news, we need to see more than a list of few games.

What can we expect from this year? What predictions do industry professionals make regarding video gaming and igaming? Are popluar software providers prepare something splendid, and whether online casinos, such as True Blue casino, are blazing new trails for their audience?

In this article, we will try to answer these questions briefly: Are you ready to hear the most impressive video game news in 2020?

We Are Getting New Consoles

All professionals agree on one thing: 2020 will be a very good year for the next generation of consoles. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will be released later this year. Most analysts expect PS5 to sell much more than the new Xbox in the first few months. The main reason for this is that Bloodborne 2 and GTA VI will be announced for PS5 platform. Players will choose to purchase PS5 just to play these two games. Microsoft will probably counter with a “remake” of the Mass Effect trilogy but let’s be honest: GTA VI will be much more popular. 

However, the new console news is not limited to these - analysts believe Nintendo will launch two new consoles too. These are a new Switch model with 4K and 30 fps support (most likely its name will be Switch Pro) and a new Game Boy Classic. Moreover, the winner of the console wars in 2020 may unexpectedly be Nintendo, as two new games will be released during the year, Metroid Prime 4 and Breath of the Wild 2. We know that we can play in as Zelda for a short while in Breath of the Wild 2, which was a thing many players were waiting for years, so the game is expected to sell quite well. Nintendo can be the most successful console manufacturer and game developer in 2020.   

The Future Is in the Cloud

We ended 2019 with news about the Google Stadia service, but we'll start to use this technology in 2020. There are two issues that analysts agree on. The first is that Google will make a dramatic change in the price of the Stadia service. There is no consensus on what the change will be. Some analysts argue that the price will increase, while others claim the service will become completely free. It is certain that there will be a change, but we do not know what exactly it will be.

The second is that many competing services will emerge. In particular, Amazon or Netflix is ​​expected to announce a similar service. Stadia’s current competitors will not sit idle too. Microsoft XCloud service is expected to become available for the Nintendo Switch. And when Amazon begins to offer this service, it will somehow be integrated with Twitch, maybe become a part of the “plus” membership. But the biggest surprise in 2020 could come from Disney. This giant company is expected to somehow enter the gaming market, and this will most likely be through a streaming service.

We May See Half-Life 3

And no, we are not kidding. A whole generation of players are waiting for the announcement of Half-Life 3 for more than a decade, so we do not dare to joke about this. We know that the VR game of Half-Life (Episode Alyx) will get released in 2020; this is official information. Now, some of the analysts think that the game will end with a cliffhanger that will be tied to a teaser for Half-Life 3. There will be no “Episode 3” – we will continue the story directly as “Half-Life 3”. This is, of course, not confirmed and may very well be wishful thinking but again, more than one analyst claims the same thing for some reason. The ending of Episode Alyx will also be a teaser for Half-Life 3. Fingers crossed!

We Will Get Used to Epic Store

We joked about it and some of us hated it, but Epic Store is here to stay. Since the current version of the store looks like a summer project of a teenager coder, analysts think that we will see a complete interface overhaul, which is really needed. Wish lists, achievements, user reviews, and lots of other goodies will be added to the store, and it will become a serious competitor to Steam. Players will want to purchase a video game from Epic Store not because it is only available there, but because the Store is really good. Well, once again, fingers crossed: Epic Store really needs a makeover. 

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