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Engineering Surveying’ is the activity that holds great significance for parties involved in construction projects. It’s carried out at the beginning stage of building any structure. Qualified professionals known as ‘Engineering Surveyors’ perform this survey. The demand for their services has increased over time as a result of the growth in the real estate industry.

Many people believe that a land survey and engineering survey are the same, but this is not true, as both of them are different. While an engineering survey also involves surveying the land, it covers many more elements as compared to a land survey. A land survey is conducted for assessing and determining the legal boundaries as well as measuring the dimensions.

But engineering surveys involve many tasks to ensure that new structures are constructed in a perfect and smooth manner. The findings of the survey assist civil engineers, architects, construction workers, and tradesmen in planning, designing, and building the structure.

What does an Engineering Survey Entail?

An engineering survey is a tool for inspecting the measurements, conditions, legal records, easements, and much more about the land. The whole purpose behind carrying out the survey is to evaluate the feasibility and practicality of the design prepared by the engineer.

However, achieving this purpose is not possible without completing the tasks mentioned above. The information gained related to the land serve as a basis for the remaining tasks of the survey. The surveyor checks the entire design to find out whether it contains any flaw.

Engineering surveyors perform geodetic computations by utilizing dedicated tools and applications. They coordinate with civil engineers, site supervisors, and other parties throughout the whole project even when the survey is completed so as to offer the necessary support.

What are the Benefits of an Engineering Survey?

Irrespective of the size or type of the construction project, engineering survey is a must. For large and capital-intensive projects, such as roads, bridges, highways, railways, and dams, surveying is beneficial to a huge extent. The measurements obtained from the survey help a lot.

The civil engineering projects carried out by using an engineering survey are error-free. Thus, builders eliminate the risk of legal complications that can arise in the future. The occupants of the building will not face any inconvenience to the faults in the design. Engineering surveys are useful for residential, commercial, and industrial properties built for personal and selling purposes.

How to Choose the Engineering Surveyor?

Selecting the right engineering surveyor is vital for obtaining the best outcomes in a project. Constructing a building takes a lot of time, money, and effort. Committing a mistake can lead to the loss of not only your money but also your reputation.

Therefore, you need to stay cautious while making your decision. You can consider the points mentioned below for choosing the independent engineering surveyor or engineering survey company.

  • Utilize all the resources available at your disposal

You should utilize all the resources that are available at your disposal, for example, family, friends, colleagues, and the Internet for finding engineering surveyors. List down all the surveyors and approach them separately for knowing more about them. Prepare a list of questions that you can ask while meeting or calling any surveyor. The questions should be related to their past projects, qualifications, experience, and more.

  • Check if their experience is similar to your requirements

Selecting the independent surveyor or surveying company that has experience in projects similar to your project can go a long way towards achieving the desired results. You can enquire about the previous projects of surveyors by asking them directly or going through their website and social media channels. Check if they have been engaged in the project that is similar to your project in terms of size or type or both.

  • Talk to the references provided by them or found by you

Many times, surveyors provide references of the people with whom they have worked in the past. You can speak to these references and ask about the quality of work performed by the surveyor. If they don’t provide the references, you can ask for them or find them by yourself. You can even ask the references about whether the surveyor was able to finish the project in pre-agreed time or not.

Final Words

Engineering survey is a crucial step in every civil engineering project as you can reap its benefits in both short-term and long-term. So, you should not hurry in choosing the surveyor. Conduct proper research, shortlist suitable ones, and select the one that pays equal attention to quality, safety, efficiency, and professionalism.


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