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Do you want to upgrade your smartphone? Or do you want to buy a smartphone for the first time? Choosing a suitable smartphone isn't an easy task. That's because a smartphone is a higher ticket and critically needed. 

However, there are ways you can narrow down your choices to get the right smartphone - by considering the features and budget. In this article, we highlighted some of the essential features to look at before you buy a smartphone. 

Thousands of available options make the selection process overwhelming. You have to be clear with your options. To do so, read on. Make sure you share the information with your online or offline audience. You can use the option of buying Facebook event attendees and start a Facebook event to discuss the topic.

Let's get started:

Operating System

In the world, there are two common types of smartphone operating systems: iOS and Android. When deciding to pick a smartphone, you should look at the best operating system to choose from.

Both iOS and Android are user-friendly. They are highly preferred because they can support numerous games and apps. 

However, depending on the type of OS you choose, there are curves in their directions. It would be best you stick to a platform you are familiar with or have used before. The only time to change is when you opt to switch to another OS or don't like the one you have now. 

Android has various advantages over iOS. It offers various devices, and they come at different prices, built-in apps, Google's excellent suit, and more customization options. 

If you plan to use Gmail, Google Maps, Google Assistant and Google, Docs, Android is the best option. However, you can find those options to download in iOS versions. 

Apple iOS, on the other hand, is an OS that provides you more uniform, secure operations, and accessible experience. Some of the proprietary features you get include FaceTime, iCloud, fingerprint scanner, and Siriz. The App Store and its quality are much better than what Android offers. 


Phones have different designs. You will find some of the phones that come with glass on both sides - front and back. These types of phones tend to be fragile and can lead to smudges. 

Other types of phones are made of plastic or metallic. These kinds of phones can resist breaking up to 2 feet when they fall. If you know you are likely to drop your phone, choose such a design. 

Most phones are equipped with a fingerprint sensor. However, some are positioned at the front and others at the back of the phone. Choose the right design when you look and feel it's good for you.


Do you spend hours gazing at your phone? Then ensure it has a good screen size with high resolution. 

To get a good phone, depending on screen size, a minimum of 1920 X 1080 pixel full HD is recommended. You can also consider one with 2169 X 1080 pixels, but the phone should have the modern 18:8 aspect ratio. 

In other words, a phone with 1080p and higher is sharp enough. When you look at the underlying technology, OLED screens tend to better contrast to the LCD screens. 

Some smartphones like iPhones and Samsung Galaxy's feature AMOLED screens. This is why these smartphones are pricey.


The performance of the smartphone you choose will depend on two key things: RAM and processor. 

In a smartphone, a processor is one of the essential features to consider because of power efficiency and speed. In the list of smartphones, Apple's A-series chipset outperforms others. 

If you choose to go with an Android, the current cream of the crop to think about is Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus. It is still debatable how much RAM you need to consider, but 4GB is recommended for the Android model. It is not required in iPhones as they handle memory management differently and don't need much RAM. 


To most people, a camera is an essential feature in their smartphone. Over the few years, cameras have continued to improve. 

The choice of the camera is bewildering. However, keep in mind that a good camera is not one with the highest megapixel count. There are more things to look at before you consider the camera, but depending on what you plan to do with the camera. 

Battery Life

The current phone models are not equipped with removable batteries. So, you need a smartphone that will keep up with you. 

You need a battery that at least can last you for long. Consider mAh rating to get some indication. However, the size of the screen, software, and resolution will impact the capacity of the battery you need. 


Recent smartphone models will come having enough built-in storage. Sometimes back, 16GB used to be common but could run out of memory fast. 

Today, there are those equipped with more than 32GB. Depending on how you use your smartphone, the more space a smartphone has, the better. And if it's not enough, expand using a microSD.


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