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A good plumber understands all the products and new technologies. in the market. These are beyond the software or tools they use in their daily activities. Following trending products and technologies enables northern beaches plumbers to provide you with essential and reliable plumbing services.

If you are hiring a plumber, they should know the modern technologies and trends. All Day Plumbing is one of the companies providing their customers with these plumbing products and services. That’s why most customers claim they are satisfied with their plumbing services.

Understanding Plumbing Products and Technologies in Demand

If you’re looking for plumbing products and technologies, this is the right place. We have searched through millions of data online to identify the plumbing technologies in demand.

Let’s explore some of these technologies:

  1. Tankless Water Heaters

No one knew that technology could reach this advancement very fast. But this is where we are now. The market is now offering homeowners tankless water heaters. Most people, on the other hand, have started accepting these technologies.

With this technology, you don’t need to have a water tank. It means that the water heater will heat the water directly as it continues to flow. This will provide you with a supply of hot water.

The other advantage of a tankless water heater is convenience. So, you can take long and luxurious showers without worrying whether you will run out of hot water.

Lastly, a tankless water heater helps to save energy and money. That’s because modern water heaters are energy efficient. With less energy consumption, it saves you money and the environment.

  1. Leak Detector

Leak detectors are like smoke detectors. They will alert you after your house's plumbing system leaks. These devices are manually placed where a leak will likely occur and alert you immediately there is a leak.

  1. Hot Water Recirculation

The other close relation to having a tankless water heater is water recirculation. With a hot water recirculation system, it will keep hot water constantly in the pipes, thus you get hot water instantly.

If there is no hot water recirculation system, it means you must pump more hot water to get hot water. When you have tankless water heaters, you will get two advantages.

One of the advantages is that hot water will be available instantly. You will not wait for the showers to heat up. The other advantage is that you will save a significant amount of water. This is because you don’t wait for the water to drain waiting to get hot water. And this will be beneficial to your wallet and environment.

  1. Smart Irrigation

The other plumbing technology you will come across is smart irrigation. This is a type of irrigation, usually controlled via a digital control device. You, therefore, have to operate it through an app.

When you use smart irrigation tech, you can turn sprinklers on or off using your mobile devices. So, you can determine when to water your plants.


The plumbing industry has significantly improved with technology. However, to access these technologies, All Day Plumbing can help. You can contact them for repairs and installations.


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