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Warehouse operations are both highly efficiency-critical and cost-critical. No wonder, these spaces are packed with several equipment and machines that make the operations much easier, faster, and more profitable. Euro Pallet Jack at Adaptalift Store is one such tool that facilitates high-performance operations for your warehouse. Here’s a guide elaborating all the aspects of this heavily used warehouse equipment.

  • Pallet jack v/s forklift

Both jacks and forklifts are equipment used to lift and move loads. In a broad sense, you can call the most basic version of forklift, a pallet jack. Following are the points of similarity and comparison between the two.

    • Counterweight support

The entire load on a pallet jack is supported on the wheel at the ends of the tools. However, forklifts are designed with a counterweight at the rear to balance the load.

    • Operator’s position

Most forklifts (except hand-controlled stackers) have a compartment for the operation to sit in while pallets are mostly operated by standing on the ground.

    • Powered/not powered

All forklifts are powered either with electric motors and batteries or a combustion engine. Pallet jacks on the contrary are mostly manual except for a few motorized designs.

    • Operations/applications

Forklifts are designed to lift heavy loads and stack them on high pallet racks. However, jacks lift the load only to make it possible for the operator to move. These are not used for stacking.

  • Benefits of using a pallet jack

To most warehouse operators and owners a forklift seam to be useful, pallet jacks have their utility and advantages.

    • Slashes down manual labor

Moving heavy loads within the warehouse or to the vehicles is extremely tedious and time-consuming. Pallet jacks help workers accomplish this mobility without fatigue and in much lesser time.

    • Elevate efficiency for short distances

Jacks are highly efficient for short-distance locomotion. Heavy loads can be easily placed on them and pulled around.

    • Highly efficient for tight spaces

Pallet jacks are compact and have a small turning radius and footprint which makes them ideal for tight spaces.

  • Common applications of pallet jacks

Pallet jacks find their application in almost every warehouse, factory, manufacturing unit, etc. Every such unit deals with moving loads around from one station to another or vehicles. Pallet jacks elevate the job’s efficiency and proliferate the overall productivity significantly. Some common applications of pallet jacks are:

    • Lifting and shifting loads for a short distance

    • Moving loads within semi-trailers

    • Accomplishing basic inventory duties

  • Things to consider while buying

You can find several types of pallet jacks in the market based on size, shape, material, load capacity, etc. While such variety gives you greater freedom to choose, it can also make buying perplexing. Here are the two most crucial points you should consider before buying pallet jacks.

    • Workspace environment and layout

Different types of jacks are suitable for different spaces. For instance, electric or manual for narrow aisles, walkie or rider electric for wider space, and off-road for outdoors.

    • Size, shape, and weight of the load you need to lift

If you are supposed to work with heavy loads constantly, powered jacks are more suitable as they make the job faster and less taxing. If you need to move different-sized loads, go for an adjustable jack.


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