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Cleanliness must always be a top priority for all businesses, especially the ones that experience heavy foot traffic. Large and small floor sweepers help clean your facility and benefit your employees, contractors, customers, and visitors. 

These industrial small floor sweepers ensure you get a thorough cleaning to meet all the health and safety standards specified for businesses. Commercial floor cleaning machines are far more efficient and give better results than hands-on manual cleaning. While the initial investment in getting one of these machines might be costlier than getting manual cleaning supplies, in the long run, it will reap you benefits.

A clean workplace increases productivity and reduces the risk of workplace injuries and subsequent legal consequences. It also helps you maintain the industry benchmarks specified by Safe Work Australia, especially in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic. 

You can either rent or buy one for your company to keep it on-site at all times. However, purchasing a small floor sweeper would make more sense as you might require it multiple times daily to keep the workplace clean and tidy. Renting one for long-term use can prove expensive and would not be worth your money.

What are Small Floor Sweepers?

Also known as Walk Behind Sweepers or Pedestrian Sweepers, this category of floor cleaning equipment is known for its small size and ability to clean the nooks and corners of small spaces.

The operator walks behind the equipment on foot, and hence it was named walk behind sweepers. The operator uses the handle to maneuver, control, and guide the machine forward without much effort. The small size and minimal weight of the equipment ensure that it can be operated by anyone safely without going into too much technical know-how.

The forward-moving speed of small floor cleaners is never faster than the walking speed of the person guiding it. For a manual sweeper, the speed of the machine depends on how quickly the operator pushes it. As for a fully automatic unit, the speed is controlled by the operator with the help of a drive lever.

Pedestrian sweepers are the first choice for cleaning small to medium-sized, highly crowded spaces due to their easy agility and manageability.

Businesses that Need Compact Sweepers

As mentioned, a small floor sweeper best suits spaces with elaborate floor plans and many nooks and corners. Here are some commercial areas that frequently use industrial floor sweepers for cleaning purposes:

  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Libraries
  • Hospitals
  • Warehouses
  • Pathological labs
  • Hotels
  • Car Parks
  • Pavements
  • Public spaces
  • Shops
  • Malls and much more

How Does a Compact Sweeper Clean Tight and Small Spaces?

A small floor sweeper works like a vacuum, except the latter is used for residential cleaning. In contrast, the former is used in industrial cleaning. These pedestrian or walk-behind sweepers come in various designs, each with its purpose and functionality.

The machines come with one single big roller or two small roller brushes. When the sweeper is pushed along the floor, the brushes rotate and collect the dirt and debris in a container installed within the unit.

Some of these sweepers also come with a separate vacuum nozzle to suck out dirt and dust from hard-to-reach areas. Most of these compact sweepers are cordless and are powered by petrol, diesel, or batteries. They are versatile and effective and get the job done quickly.

The large brush bristles and the small unit size will help you guide the machine to the remote nooks and corners of space to suck out the dirt and debris. Moreover, being cordless, you can get the machine ready to go in no time. 

Why Do You Need to Get Your Compact Floor Sweeper?

Here are some of the reasons why it is better to invest in a commercial floor cleaner of your own than renting from a company:

  • - You don't have to spend money and rely on a third-party company to do your cleaning. The problems come to the forefront in case of emergency spills and trash that needs cleaning immediately.
  • You will get to set your cleaning routine. Places like hospitals and malls require frequent cleaning, and owning a sweeper of your own makes it easier to work.
  • These machines require very little training to operate.

In Conclusion

There are different kinds of small industrial sweepers. Choose a unit that suits your requirements the best. You can also consult your local cleaning equipment dealer for good deals and information.


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