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Enamel is a term that has various meanings considering the field it is being referred to in saying. In dentistry, enamel is related to tooth covering, whereas, in the paint industry enamel is employed as a protective coating for various metallic and hard surfaces as a preventive measure from scratches and stains. It can be rightly said that whatever the domain of utilization be, enamel is employed as an ideal covering agent that can aid in protection.

Enamel itself can be used as paint for metals, glass, wood, ceramic, marble, interior and exterior infrastructure of a building property. Enamel is available to be used in two manners like in paint box; however, it’s most common reliability is in form of spray cans.

Enamel spray cans are the easiest, convenient, portable, and light in use. The enamel colours do not fade away quickly neither the colours mixed nor changed into another version. Application of enamel spray is quite often seen in for outdoor structures and indoor furniture like sink, bathtub, kitchen platform, etc. The audacity of its use can be defined from the fact that enamel spray has the ability to dry in no time converting itself to a hard glossy sheet that has a lustrous finish on the surface it is applied to.

Enamel spray cans in the paint business

Enamel is ensured of its excellent durability which promises to preserve the aesthetic and protective arenas of the surface it used for. Enamel paint found in the spray cans is completely oil-based, quite compatible with building materials, furniture, metallic objects, etc. which help it to settle down and dry faster. It is waterproof which means that it does not appear sticky at all, it hardens directly when sprayed.

  • Enamel spray cans, the quality product of surface protection

Spray paints are not new to the paint industries, there is use is as common as paint boxes, however, the need of utilization might differ in situations. Enamel spray cans can be your ideal primers and undercoating agents that are required to be creates an extra protective layer over hard surfaces like marble, metallic, wood, ceramic, stone, furniture, and other exterior points.

  • Enamel sprays, a modern substitute to air brush paints

The enamel sprays are not used at all surfaces, only slight airbrushing of enamel is enough for meeting the protection value. One can claim with guarantee that enamel spray is a modern alternative to the acrylic brush paint as it aids in recovery from damage, enhancing curb appeal, and double the shield from heat, moisture, scratch, rust, etc.

  • Working of enamel spray cans

It is likely about enamel sprays in the paints category that “all the enamels are spray paints in texture but not all spray paints are enamel in nature”. The entire assembly of enamel spray cans is based on the presence of nozzle format which is designed for quality air distribution of the enamel as sprays. Thus, aerosols spread is observed whenever enamel spray is worked on.

  • Quality features of enamel spray

What makes enamel paint as sprays have a competitive advantage over the conventional paints? The simplest answer to this question is that enamel sprays are weather resistant, water-resistant, and stain-resistant in all formats. The enamel sprays are solvent in mixture, both water and oil compositions are used in painting business.

Guide to use enamel spray cans

There is a complete procedure which has all the instructions on how to handle and operate enamel spray cans. This one is a crucial step as spraying enamel requires precision. Here are listed some of the preliminaries that are expected to fulfill before and during the application of enamel spraying cans

  1. Preparatory cleaning of the work surface

  2. Removal of extra oil, rust, stain, or moisture from the surface

  3. Add the priming layer

  4. Apply the enamel spray

Surface compatibility with enamel sprays

Assessing the surface condition compatibility to the nature of spray is a standard approach that is necessary to confirm before enamel spraying. The mode of enamel spraying is optimized with surfaces like wood, plastic, ceramic, automobile body, etc. Spray enamel cans are easy to maintain, are portable, safe, and secure with enamel composition, and perfect with interior setup designs, etc.

Enamel spray cans is the quality alternative to the conventional acrylic brushing paint. This one is found in solvent composition, both oil and water based. The exquisite use of enamel sprays is mainly due to its ability of providing protection to the structural integrity and aesthetics of a furniture, hard surface, metallic object, etc.


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