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  • Written by Sarah Williams

When you are a photojournalist, you need to make a bucket list of places that you should visit. You need to find places that allow you will take the best pictures. You can make your whole career out of a few photos you get in these places as you mix the landscapes or architecture with the people in each location. Schedule your travel based on this list or find wildlife, people, and places that will make your journey worthwhile.

Santorini, Greece

You may have seen pictures of Santorini with the blue waters, white huts on the cliffside, blue roofs on each building. However, you may have forgotten the view that you get from the water. You can travel to Santorini, charter a boat to travel the coast, and capture the people who are staying in these huts.

Plus, this ancient city features Greek architecture from thousands of years ago. Because you are traveling to a far off Greek island, you should find an easy to use money transfer app that will help you receive money from friends. If you need new batteries for your camera or another SD card, you can buy what you need using the cash that was transferred to you.

The Serengeti, Tanzania

The Serengeti is a national park in Tanzania that has been featured in nature documentaries for decades. You can travel through the park with a tour guide, and the guide will take you to the best places for pictures. You can travel to the massive crater that sits on the edge of the park, or the tour guide can take you to places where you know you will find certain animals.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat is a massive temple in Cambodia that has long been considered a wonder of modern humanity. This massive temple was spared during the Vietnam War, and you can travel there to take pictures of the site, the architecture, and the inner corridors. The temples abut a beautiful lake, and you can use the light that reflects off the water to make your pictures even more exciting.

Petra, Jordan

Petra is an ancient temple in Jordan that has been featured in TV shows and movies. The temple was carved out of a monolith that hides in a small valley. You can take pictures of the outside of the temple, and you can venture inside to see the columns, statues, and craftsmanship that add to this beautiful relic. It is as if an ancient tribe carved this place and forgot all about it.

Marina Bay, Singapore

Marina Bay is the location of the Singapore Grand Prix, and it is a brightly-lit place where people can party every day in this massive city-state. The lights will make your pictures more exciting at night, or you can chronicle live in the bay during the day.


Each of the locations above can add to your portfolio, but you need to know how to pick up extra cash during your travels. Stay in contact with a friend when you leave home, and ask for more money when you need extra supplies.

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