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  • Written by Alison Lurie

Everyone makes plans for a long trip with friends and family. All those plans to go fishing together, riding from dawn till dusk, swimming in the lake, mountain climbing, off-roading and what not. But when it’s time to hit the road finally, you have to make sure that everything, including you and your machine, is ready for the trip.

A long trip with your friends on a motorcycle is the most desirable way to spend a vacation. To keep the holiday joyful and entertaining till the end, you have to prepare a lot before the trip. You have to service the bike before the trip and check all the parts like chassis, brakes, bash plates, tyres, suspension, etc., are working alright.

To guarantee a smooth and hassle-free trip for you and your friends, you must check these parameters before the journey begins:

Personal Gear

Personal gear is a must for the rider, especially when you’re on a long trip. The unique gear includes a helmet, jacket, pants, suits, boots, gloves, biker body armour, eye protection, ear protection, and finally, elbow, knee and shin guards.

There are many gears to choose from, choose the appropriate one, and then the ride will be excellent.

Having a waterproof jacket, water-resistant jacket, pants, boots, and gloves will be a better option if you plan a trip in the rainy season.

You can buy corrective eyewear for better vision and a clear visor to ride at night.

Now you are ready to hit the road, but your motorcycle isn’t ready yet!

How to Prepare Your Motorcycle for the Trip

The performance of your motorcycle depends on how well-maintained it is and how you gear it up for the trip. Quick service of the bike is necessary before you begin the journey, and the things you must consider are:

  • Wheel Alignment and Tyre Pressure

Proper wheel alignment and proper tyre pressure are the key factors that determine the smoothness of the ride and the reduction in wear and tear of the tyres. The rider will feel much comfort when the tyre has optimum pressure.

  • Engine Oil and Other Lubricants

We know that “engine oil is the life-blood of the engine”. Well, it’s true, and a well-lubricated engine runs smoothly in the cold and hot weather.

Lubricating the brakes and chains will guarantee a reduction in wear and tear.

  • Battery Levels/Lights

Not checking the condition of the battery is a mistake that many make when heading out for a road trip. One can repair any part and restart the bike with the tools available, but if the battery is down, there’s no way you’re getting out of the place any soon. Especially when you get stuck in a forest (yes, people go there for rides).

  • Brakes

Checking the brakes is the most important thing you have to do before the ride. Check for any rust or dirt and the thickness of the disc and calliper by spinning the wheels. Test the brakes with a test run and observe how efficient they are.

  • Bash Plates

One thing people forget to take care of is the bash plates of their bikes. Some are not even aware of this essential protective plate and will go off-roading without them. They don’t recognise the importance of those plates as they probably have never experienced damages to their oil reservoirs or fuel tanks. The bash plates protect the underside of your motorcycle, which is where the fuel tank, oil reservoir, motor, etc., are situated. It prevents the damages that can happen while going off-road by shielding the underside from stones, debris and dust.

  • Air Filter

It is the one component that everyone forgets to clean and maintain. The air filter helps the engine run smoothly and shows no problem when revving the bike. If the filter gets clogged, one can feel the throttle becoming less responsive, and it will sound different. Cleaning up the air filter is necessary before a long trip.

If all these things are taken care of, the trip with your friends will be unforgettable.

Just like the American poet Emily Dickinson famously said, “If you take care of the small things, the big things take care of themselves”.


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