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Drivers towing large sized trailers like caravans without even mirrors wide enough for the driver to see past their vehicle is much dangerous to them as well as other people on the road. Whether extendable towing mirrors for 4wd vehicles or any other vehicles; you can get them as per the requirement.

As a particular type of road law states , any driver or person on the wheels should not drive a motor vehicle unless the driver owns a clear vision of the road, and of course traffic, ahead, behind as well as to each side of the driver’. Here, the extendable towing mirrors offers absolutely clear vision down the side of the caravan and removes any type of blind spots within the lanes near your car.

How do these Work?

A towing mirror is simply more prominent than your stock mirror and inclines to stick out from half an inch to simply more than ten inches. It depends on what you require. The reason these are extended out further than your general standard side mirrors is to aid you in improving your line of sight on each side of what you are pulling. Now, once you pull a trailer, you wish to see both sides of the road at all times so you can evade hitting anything. Extensions permit you to see farther down the street and give you a better level of vision of other vehicles in your blind spots. As an outcome, it makes it convenient for you to spot other cars passing you and aids in preventing accidents. Before you purchase an extended mirror for towing, here are a few things you must consider:

Do you really need to tow?

In case not, then your current mirrors are going to work just fine. However, in case you plan on towing a trailer, you might need to look into buying a set of extended mirrors or simply aftermarket extensions. This way, you don’t really have to panic about losing your view as you travel down the street.

Are the arms sufficiently long?

You wish to find a model having a long enough reach to accommodate any trailer you could want to pull. You don’t really want to buy a short-reach extension that just extends out a couple of inches because it may not provide you much benefit. Instead, you wish to go with a longer extension that simply reaches up to ten inches.

Durability matters

You have to pay close attention to the overall quality of the product. While most manufacturers offer you high-quality products, some are simply made cheaply and lack durability. It is absolutely important to know what you are getting into before you even spend your hard-earned pennies.

How do they get attached?

You have to pay proper attention to the mounting method that gets used. There are two prime types: clips and even brackets. Clips incline to be less expensive but most of the time come off easily. Brackets are mostly more durable, but these do cost little more money. So, you need to figure out for yourself what works better for you and how much you can spend on it.


So, make sure that you try extendable towing mirrors for your usage. Once you use them, you may find them helpful!


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