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The wedding menu is one of the most entertaining items of the event. First of all, the couple must express their wishes and consult what catering they are able to fulfill, both in the structuring of the menu and in the type of food; to continue, the couple undertakes the tasting of the catering options, a fun, and very succulent experience.

Since times have changed and there is no single version of a wedding menu, the work is more arduous but much more dynamic. At this time, issues such as special menus, organized under the umbrella of allergies (lactose, gluten...), ideals (vegetarianism, veganism...) or religions come into play. Also new concepts, such as cocktail banquets, buffet, or new structures that include fewer dishes.

And of course, the eternal question of how much a wedding menu is worth. The truth is that prices vary greatly depending on the menu chosen. It will depend on the place, the type of menu, chosen dishes, extras, etc...

For everything to go well, don’t miss the details on how to choose your wedding menu in 5 steps.

  1. Offer varied drinks

  2. Organize a perfect cocktail

  3. First course

  4. Second course (and third course)

  5. Dessert and surprises

1. Offer varied drinks

Given that the wedding season begins in May, and that most of these celebrations take place in spring and summer, most ceremonies usually warm up guests who will seek refuge in cold drinks. From this moment, the cocktail begins, which must be provided with the three relevant drinks (beer, wine, and soft drinks), although there is much more where you can choose. Order now at the South Coast Winery.

To look for the variety and the healthy, take advantage of the joy of iced tea, natural juices, and smoothies, very refreshing and non-alcoholic variants that, in the case of the latter, use varied fruits after a 100% natural preparation. You can also include alcohol (red wine, white, or champagne), summer red or cocktails. The important thing is to quench the thirst of your guests, but also to offer alternatives and generate a good impression, since it is the first gastronomic detail that you will find and that is why you have to know how to choose the drink. Prepare them for the best.

For the banquet, display a selection of different wines, beer, soft drinks and alternatives as cocktails for the most daring. For the party, do not forget a variety of alcoholic drinks, with the most recurrent brands and the most common mixtures, including surprises for specific moments. Take risks with innovations such as molecular cocktails. You’ll probably leave them stoned!

2. Organize a perfect cocktail

The cocktail is one of the most interesting moments of the wedding. Guests start to interact and what better way to do it with a drink in hand and good food going on around. So, with the hungry attendees, you should show some of your best cards so they can see what your big day in gastronomic matters will be like. Do not make it too long, then wait for the banquet if you have chosen that option, but do not be too scarce and leave your guests with more desire for culinary vanguard and talks.

The most important thing is to be original. Get out of the norm with new products, reinventions, exotic foods, fusion food, and breakthrough presentations. All this penetrates the guest in a special way, generating an indelible memory. Bet on food trucks or food stalls, a very special and ideal alternative for your wedding cocktail.

Use the influence of other countries to get out of the routine. Sushi has long been stealing hearts at weddings, so also opt for tempuras, tributes to Mexican food, Arab influences, Peruvian winks with tiraditos, skewers of the best Argentine meats, and small hamburgers with unique sauces. The world includes a palette of very special flavors that you can play with. Also, use the classics and reinvent them with new flavors and presentation forms full of good taste. From here, the chef's imagination is the only limit.

It uses, as we have said, unique presentations and different ways of consuming. Make use of teaspoons, chopsticks, cones, and containers of all kinds; Urge your guests to use their hands, provide sauces to find new sensations.

Of course, do not forget the healthiest food and especially for the intolerant. Whether through special stalls or snacks themselves, it should offer vegan variants such as hummus, tapenade (olive paste), vegan sushi, vegan hamburgers, salads and cold soups such as gazpacho. On the other hand, it innovates with the provision of different corners, so famous in recent years, and increasingly recurrent because of the versatility they offer, both for eating and for interacting with other guests. There are all kinds: sausages, seafood, cocktails, salads, fried foods, and fast food.

3. First course

At current weddings, it is advisable to incorporate information on the different ingredients that make up the dishes. The allergens appear in the menus of the best restaurants and at your wedding, they should not be missed as a warning for your guests. Also, alternatives for intolerant or vegan should be reflected.

For autumn and winter weddings, the first course serves to warm up. Therefore, a cream or a hot soup is perfect but sets the body before starting with the following dishes. Use vegetables and seafood to make your first dish and welcome the rest of the specialties. Here are some main dish receptions for the wedding.

4. Second course (and third course)

If the menu only includes the main dish, the sorbet (if any), would be introduced just before that dish. To the traditional lemon and cava sorbet variants of mandarin, mango, berries, or mojito have been added. If the menu includes two main dishes, usually meat and fish, the sorbet will be placed between them and will avoid overlapping flavors.

Now, the main course arrives, which at the weddings of recent years has lost its strength thanks to the longer cocktails, varied desserts, and reps. And this is usually fish or meat, with vegetarian and vegan alternatives for those who wish (this is very important at weddings in recent years).

The vegan alternative is essential, as is the gluten-free or lactose-free option, two of the most widespread intolerances. The seitan with cream of potatoes, vegan risotto or vegetable meatballs are options that are handled at weddings with vegan participants.

5. Dessert and surprises

The final touch of the banquet should be an unparalleled work, especially in the current times of experimentation, avant-garde, and fusion. Nowadays, gastronomy is an art in itself and pastry is one of its areas that allow more innovation.

Today, the bridal cake or cake is not the only dessert available. In fact, there are others that can accompany this cake, such as fruit arranged in skewers or ice cream of different flavors. In addition, small desserts such as cupcakes, macaroons or treats arranged in different areas of the lounge or garden.


In addition to the different stalls with sweets that fill the corners during the party, it is advisable to include a plan of recipes that reach half the party. The elaborations from bread usually succeed sandwiches, pizzas, hamburgers, threads, toasts, and empanadas.


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