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It is the age of technology and advancement; everyday innovations are being put forward to make human life easier. However, the first discovery of anything is the most memorable and special one.

One such discovery was made in 1849 by an Italian innovator Antonio Meucci. He discovered the basic phone while Alexander Graham Bell won the first U.S patent for the device in 1876 and then with the financial support, he marketed it.

A few years back, a landline phone was present in every house, but if we talk about the current scenario, they are replaced by advanced mobile phones. Still, many houses have landline phones. If you want a landline telephone connection, you can get it from the communication services gold coast.

Before getting a landline, you should have a good knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of it. Here, we are going to tell you the “pros and cons of a landline phone”.

Pros of a landline phone

  • Simple use

Our generation is acclimated to using smartphones, and we have no issues with it. Still, many people find smartphones a little complex to use and do not know about most features of smartphones. Therefore, they find landline phones simple and easy to use.

There are no locks, touch screen and features in a landline phone so everyone can easily dial the number and make a call. This a good option for kids also, if they want to call their parents they can easily use it.

  • Easy to find

Almost every day we forget our cell phones and then we have to find it in our whole house, wardrobe and everywhere, which is quite stressful and tiring. Landline phones do not have these issues. They have a fixed place in our houses and no matter in what state of mind we are, we never forget the location of our landline phones.

  • Strong connection

The wiring of landline phones is present deep inside the ground, which helps in providing a strong connection. During emergencies where cellphone loses its signals landline phone, work efficiently.

While using phone, most people have to change their place or position or catch signals, but a landline is even though fixed at a place still you don’t have to worry about signal issues.

  • The best option in an emergency

During emergencies, you need strong signals to make a call. Secondly, you don’t have much time to explain the whole address. Landline phone numbers are registered along with the addresses. Therefore, when you make a call, the agency can easily trace your address.

  • Tracking address

During an emergency, address tracing is done through a landline phone. The landline numbers are allotted on the name of the property owner so you can use it as proof.

  • Wireless phones

Landline phones mostly have wires attached with the phone set, but a modification took place, and now wireless telephone sets are also available. People who use landline phones are happy with this advancement because they don’t have to stick to a specific place while using the phone.

  • Excellent voice quality

The voice quality of the landline phone is much better than cell phones. This is very good, especially for those people who spend a lot of time on phone calls or they have a hearing abnormality.

  • Internet services

Internet facility is available with the landline phones on reasonable rates. It provides strong signals and works perfect on a number of devices at a time.

  • Good for learning

For working parents, it is very important to prepare their children for emergencies, especially when they are alone at home. They may need you any time, during such situations a landline phone is a good option for them to dial your number and talk to you. It is simple and easy to learn.

On the other end if we talk about smartphones due to multiple features, you can never leave your kid with a smartphone. Kids should have limited screen time.

  • Extensions

A landline phone can have an extension in different places in a house. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about going to a certain spot every time to attend a call. In short, Extensions give easy accessibility to landline phones.

  • You can call 911

During emergencies, you can easily call 911. They can easily track your address through your phone number.

  • A good option for workplace

Workplaces mostly have landline phone systems installed because of the strong connection, clear voice, and availability of extensions. The workplace is about professionalism, and they cannot afford any signal or call cut issues. Moreover, they also use after hours phone answering service in order to avoid missing any important calls.

Cons of landline phone

  • Struggle with wire

The tangling of wires can cause difficulty while using a landline phone. In case the wire of your phone breaks due to any reason the connection will lose and then you will have to wait for repairs.

  • No portability

You have to stick to a specific location for using a landline phone, and you cannot roam around. If you are out of the house, you cannot use it. If you don’t have an extension, you cannot attend the call from another room. These phones are not portable, due to which you can face privacy issues as well.

  • High cost

Landline phones are expensive as compared to cell phones because the mobile network offers great deals, which saves a lot of money. While Landline phones rarely have any deals which makes them costly and unaffordable.

  • Customer service call

Most of the people do not receive a landline phone call because they assume that some customer service representative might be calling them. These calls become quite annoying.

  • Maintenance

The connection of landline phone may be strong, but once if this connection breaks, it can become a problem for you. The connection breakage will only be fixed by repairing and for that, you will have to call and wait for an electrician to come and fix it.

  • No extra features

Landline phones are simple devices and do not have features like smartphones. Simplicity is good, but when you are living in this present world, you might need features and applications for your work purpose or for your entertainment.

  • Make a diary for contact

Landline phones are not capable of saving contacts. Therefore, you have to make a diary for writing contact numbers. Writing contacts in a diary and finding them both are quite difficult and stressing tasks.

  • Not a good choice for old people

Although old people find it simple and easy to use but it is not a good option for them, because every time the phone will ring, it will become difficult for them to move from one part of the house to another part.

Final Thoughts

Landline phones have pros and cons both depend on your preference and choice. Although only one-fourth population of Australia uses a landline phone. However, in my opinion, every house should definitely have a landline.


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