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What is Hoarding Disorder?

Hoarding disorder is a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) that is prevalent in adults 55 years and over. People with this mental health condition collect and keep items that many people consider worthless. Those who have a loved one with a hoarding disorder have to plan how to get rid of the items that their loved one has kept to make the area tidy and organised. This causes conflicts with their loved ones with hoarding disorder.

If you want to clean an area where a person with a hoarding disorder has kept their items, contact a professional company that specialises in hoarding cleanup. For more info go to It is not a good idea to do the job by yourself because of the effort this job requires and the potential health risks associated with hoarding cleanup. Some of the dangers of DIY hoarding cleanup include:

Biohazard Contamination

DIY hoarding cleanup will expose you to severe sanitation issues. Keep in mind that dirt and debris accumulate very fast in the place where a person with hoarding disorder has kept their belongings. This place will therefore become an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

When you do hoarding cleanup, you will handle different biohazards including live and dead animals, urine, feces, and other body fluids. Exposing yourself to these biohazards including pathogens like fungus and bacteria without protection is harmful to your health.

Mould Growth

Mould is likely to grow where a person with hoarding condition has kept items as airflow and ventilation have been limited by the excess clutter. Besides, the accumulation of items in a place makes it hard to spot water intrusion. 

Water intrusion causes mold growth and can affect the structural integrity of a house. This can be harmful to the health of those who live in water-damaged houses. It is good to let professionals do mould removal; another reason why it is not a good idea to do hoarding cleanup all by yourself.

Exposure to Physical Injuries

DIY hoarding cleanup can also lead to physical injuries. This is because the piles of materials in the house may be unstable, can collapse and can injure you as you try to declutter and clean the house. Besides, hoarders scatter items haphazardly all over hence increasing the chances of tripping and falling which may cause fractures, sprains, and wounds. Lifting heavy items by yourself is also dangerous. This is another reason why you need to let professionals do hoarding cleanup instead of doing it by yourself.

Unsafe Environment

The place where a hoarder has kept their items has poor air quality. When such a place is disturbed, odor, mold spores, ammonia, dust, and other pollutants are released into the atmosphere. Breathing this contaminated air for a long period can cause respiratory problems like allergies. As such, it is good to look for a good professional cleaning company to clean such an area.

This is because such companies have an experienced and skilled team of cleaners who wear protective clothing and tools to do the job safely. The cleaners have puncture-resistant gloves, eye protection, biohazard suits, hard hats, sturdy shoes/boots, respirators, and dust masks all of which help them do hoarding cleanup safely. 

Besides, the cleaners will come with bug sprays, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, and flashlights to deal with any challenge that may come up while they are doing the hoarding cleanup. On the other hand, when you opt for DIY hoarding cleanup, you don’t have legal backing to handle and dispose of the items; another reason to work with professionals.

Expert Hoarding Cleanup Services

As you can see, professional hoarding cleanup is something that should only be done by professionals. DIY hoarding cleanup is not a good idea as such a cleanup is a dangerous and laborious exercise that should be handled with professionalism and extreme care. Look for a reputable company that offers professional hoarding cleaning services so that your loved one will stay in a safe and healthy environment.

We offer high-quality, reliable, and compassionate cleaning services. Our technicians have the experience and skills to deal with and manage any hoarding cleanup. They will clean a hoarder’s home in the best way possible. Besides, they have the tools and equipment to do the cleanup and get it right the first time.


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