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You have decided to get a dog and whether it is a puppy or an adult rescue dog from a shelter, you will have to invest in some dog training. You want to ensure that your new pet is well-behaved, obeys you and understands who is boss. Every dog needs time, training and love, but how much does dog training usually cost?

Professional training, as you may have guessed, comes at a price. There are several factors that will influence the cost of dog training and those are:

  1. Where you live. If you are in a large city center, dog training tends to be more expensive than if you live in a smaller area. Dog trainers in big cities are busier, with more clients and can command a higher price for their services. The wait list will probably be longer for big city dog trainers too, with all those condo dwellers getting smaller dogs as companions.

  2. The type of training. Basic puppy obedience may be charged at one rate while advanced training for older pets or more elaborate commands can cost substantially more. Private training sessions are much more expensive than group training sessions where everyone contributes to the trainer’s hourly rate.

  3. Skill Set. Some dog trainers are better than others and the better dog trainers tend to charge more money for their services. Dog training is a largely unregulated field with loose certifications that cannot necessarily be proved or disproved. Most people are unable to tell which certifications are the ones that a trainer should have when it comes to a dog trainer. It is best to choose a trainer that you know someone else has had a good experience with. Some excellent dog trainers may charge less money for training, simply because they love dogs and enjoy working with them. Conversely there are plenty of poorly skilled and non-certified trainers who charge large amounts of money for their training classes.

When you decide that you are ready to begin dog training for your dog, you will need to decide surrounding the type of dog training that you want to invest in. There are three main categories of dog training options, and those are:

Private Dog Training

These types of dog training classes are offered the dog trainer’s private facility or at your home. You can work with the trainer directly on the exact skills you want to teach your dog. The secret behind great dog training is that the owner is being trained at the same time as the owner.

The trainer will teach you how to understand subtle cues from your pet as they learn basic commands and become a great companion to you. This is an effective way to train a dog for those people who do not have much spare time or have pets who have behavioral problems and are not going to behave in a group class.

Private dog training lessons can cost anywhere from $175 per hour up to $400.00 per hour, depending upon the type of trainer you hire. Some trainers will offer a discount if you purchase “training packs” which are more than one training session

sometimes get a bit of a better deal if you buy your training in packs of three sessions or more. This depends on the trainer or facility.

Group Dog Training

If you decide to go the group dog training route, these groups work for different types of training such as agility training. Group training can also be ideal for obedience and basic puppy training. Other types of group classes include training for anxiety and aggression or new skills such as scent training. Group training allows both owners and pets to socialize while your dog learns new skills and commands.

Group training is usually less expensive than private training. You can often get a series of training sessions for one price or the individual priced sessions can be lower cost than private training sessions. If you purchase packages, they can range from $150 to $300 and group sessions per session may be between $50 and $100. Training for aggression and anxiety is much more expensive.

Doggie Daycare with Training

For those dog owners who do not have much time or require much more assistance with their, dog, doggie daycare with training included can be a good option. You just need to drop off your dog for the day and the trainer who runs the facility will have a program series that the owner can pay for where the dog will be taught better behaviour.

Dog training is an ongoing process, and you must continue to work with your dog when you bring them home. Not all dogs are good with being in boarding, so you should check in with the facility to see what is recommended and take your dog for a tour to see how they react.

The cost of boarding and training can start around $1,000 and increase from that price point. Day training rates are more expensive because of the intense training that your dog will receive daily.

Choosing a Dog Trainer - What Should You Look for?

One factor is the cost, of course, but you also need to choose a dog trainer that uses techniques that put the focus on positive reinforcement. There are still dog trainers out there who use punishment in their training such as choking the dog or using a shock collar and many other “alpha” style training tools which are not recommended.

Always discuss with the trainer you will be working with what kinds of tools they will use on your dog before you sign up for their class. You want to ensure that your dog receives the best possible training and the results that you would expect.


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