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There are a lot of things to know about Sydney, Australia. This beautiful city has tons of things to offer from a classical city life to even beautiful scenery surrounded by mountains, islands and beaches all over the place. While the outdoors of this place is quite captivating, the culture is also rich and thriving, which continues to make this place one of the most visited around the world.

Nevertheless, while this place is known for being one of the most popular locations to visit, there are various facts that a lot of tourists aren't aware of. This place is filled with history and a lot of hidden gems that are worth discovering, especially if you are about to visit this place.

Here are some of the top facts you never knew about Sydney.

1. Sydney Has Over 100 Beaches

This might sound insane but it is true. When it comes to Sydney, this place is surrounded with majestic landscapes and hundreds of different beaches to visit.From small to wide beaches, there is nothing that you won't be able to find in this place. Some of the most popular beaches in Sydney are the following:Bondi, Coogee, Cronulla, Manly, North Steyne, Palm beach, Long Reef, Avalon, among others.

2. Sydney Is Known For Having Great Online Entertainment

While there are tons of things to do around this place, Australia holds the recognition for having some of the best online entertainment, including online casinos. Australian casinos are very secure for players to play in given that they hold licenses and take the necessary security measures to provide players with the ultimate forms of entertainment whenever they are playing in the best australian online casino.

3. Sydney Has One Of The Longest Steel Arch Bridges In The World

Famously known as Sydney Harbour Bridge, this building is around 1650 feet long which make it one of the longest around the world. Not only is it an arch for commuters to travel the road, but also, it is a tourist attraction given that there is a set of stairs and even a path where people can climb and get one of the best views in the entire city.

4. Sydney Holds The World's 3rd Largest Fish Market

The Sydney Fish Market is actually one of the largest markets in the entire world. This place holds various levels of seafood, which make it perfect for cooking cool, bars or restaurants to find perfect supplies in this place. This market is located in front of the water and it extends alongside the docks where suppliers and vendors can position themselves in order for buyers to even auction the best products.


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