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The Gold Coast has a lot to offer to people who choose to live there. The weather is beautiful, the beaches are spectacular, and there is always something new for people to discover even for those who have lived there for years. If you have decided to make your move to the Gold Coast, you are in for a treat. However, before you get there, you need to plan out your move to ensure that it goes smoothly. Whether you are moving from far away or from across town, planning ahead will minimise problems. Here are some valuable tips that will help your big move go smoothly.

Pick The Right Neighbourhood

Think about the lifestyle that you want to follow in your new home. Do you prefer to live close to beaches? Do you need to be close to public transport? Do you want to live nearby your children's school? Your answers to questions like these will help you make the right decision on the neighbourhood that you want to settle in. If you are unfamiliar with the Gold Coast, spend a week there to explore the area and imagine what it would be like living there.

Explore Employment Opportunities

If your move is not the result of your employer relocating you, you might want to look at the job market in your line of work. Do you want to work for a company, or are you more like an entrepreneur? The Gold Cost offers many promising job prospects, so spend some time to explore them.

Time To Reduce The Clutter

Over the years, you have probably accumulated a lot of personal property. The more things you have, the more complicated your move can get. This is a good time to look around your home and decide what to take with you and what to leave behind. If you have not used something for a year, and the item has no sentimental value, it might be time to leave it. Make a list of items that you do not want to take with you, and figure out whether you want to give them away to friends, donate them to charity, or sell them. Selling your old items has the added benefit of getting some money to offset your moving costs.

Pick The Right Time To Move

Moving disrupts your daily life activities. To reduce this disruption, plan to move at a time when you have little else going on with your family. If you have children, choose a time before the beginning of the school year. Try to avoid times close to business trips or major family events because even though those are important, they can be distracting.

Coordinate Termination and Start Of Utility Services

When you have finalised a day for your move, contact the utility services of your old residence and schedule when they should discontinue service. At the same time, make arrangements to have new utility services start in your new home. If both homes are serviced by the same company, you will just need to request a transfer of service to your new address. If your Gold Coast home is served by a different company, you will need to coordinate this with different companies so you will not experience lack of services when you move in. Get a written confirmation so there will be no confusion.

Hire A Professional Removalist

If the thought of organising and packing your things feel overwhelming, do not despair. You do not have to do this on your own. A professional Gold Coast removalist can take the stress away and help you through the process. In additional to transporting your items, the removalist can help you pack your belongins. The advantage to this is that they are experts in using the right kind of boxes and materials to safely protect your belongings during transport. This is especially important for fragile items that need to be wrapped carefully.

Do some research on the companies that are experienced and reliable. If you have friends or relatives who have moved recently, ask them for recommendations. Look online for removalists in your area and read the reviews. You want to find a company that provides insurance to protect your property in case anything unexpected happens during the move. When you have a few names of reliable removalists, contact them to get quotes on their fees. Get a breakdown of their fees because services like packing and unpacking might be charged separately from transporting.

If you decide to use a professional removalist, contact them early because you want to make sure that they are available on the day that you want to move. On the day before your move, call the company to confirm the time that they will be coming.

Moving to the Gold Coast is an exciting time for you. Do not let the stress of moving spoil the fun. Follow the tips above, and hire a removalist if you want your move to be free of stress.


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