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The different mask terminologies can be confusing, especially with so many letters and numbers flying around in the name of face masks. For example, you might have heard of P2, N95, KN95, and FFP2 face masks, and you're wondering why there are so many names to deal with. 

Of course, there are some variations between these face mask types, but you'll be learning more about P2 masks in this article.

The different disposable respirator masks conform to specific regulatory standards. These standards are expected to meet certain requirements of performance and physical properties as recommended by health regulatory authorities. 

How P2 face masks became prominent

Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 disease, different countries recommended specific face mask types for use, given their unique properties. As a result, the Australian government standardised the P2 respirator for public use, equivalent to the N95 endorsed by the American government.

Features of P2 Face Masks

P2 face masks are made to fit tightly to your face and filter airborne particles very efficiently. The P in the term P2 is derived from the mask's oil 'proof' property. This face mask is known to have a high particle filtration efficiency of up to 95% forming the basis of the N95 name ascribed to the US version. 

One advantage the P2 face mask has over surgical masks is that it not only protects those in the environment from being infected with particles in the droplet from the wearer. It also protects the wearer from the environment. This is possible because of its close-fitting over the face without any loose spaces that can permit air entry from the environment. 

How efficient are P2 face masks?

P2 face masks are highly recommended for personal protective equipment in healthcare facilities and can be used by both healthcare workers and non-healthcare workers. This high recommendation is because of the ability of this type of respirator to protect the wearer during aerosol-generating procedures

They can also filter out fine particles in smoke. Therefore, you can still have effective respiratory protection during exposure to bushfire smoke or poor air quality. 

How to use a P2 face mask correctly.

The following is a step-by-step guide on wearing a P2 face mask for assured safety.

  1. Be sure to remove hats and glasses before wearing the mask. You should also tie back your hair if you're carrying long hair to prevent entanglement with the mask's straps.
  2. Ensure the nose piece rests well over the nose bridge as you put on the mask.
  3. Place the ties or headband at the base of the neck.
  4. To ensure a perfect seal across the nose bridge and cheek, compress the mask firmly against the face.

Here are some precautions to also observe while wearing the mask.

  • Do not touch the surface of the mask while you're still wearing it.
  • Reapply the straps immediately whenever it is removed.
  • If the mask becomes moist, ensure you replace it with a new one.
  • Wash your hands immediately if you have any cause to touch the mask after wearing it.
  • Face masks should be disposed of in a closed receptacle after usage.

Before wearing a P2 face mask, ensure to do the following fit checks.:

  • Perform thorough hand hygiene.
  • Ensure the mask is well-fitting and the edges and straps are intact.
  • Make sure the headband can hang over the head, the top strap is resting behind the head, and the bottom strap sits well below the ears.
  • For a positive seal, exhale sharply and check for leakage. If there's positive pressure inside, then it's indicative of no leakage.
  • For a negative seal check, you should inhale deeply. If the mask clings to the face due to negative pressure inside, there's no leakage.

These measures are necessary to ensure that you can maximise the full protective potential of the P2 face mask.


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