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Mobile games have gained immense popularity - this applies to both regular games and gambling. The choice is huge, and in the case of the latter, aggregators of online casino sites will help to make it - with them you can choose the best and safest sites, and calmly play your favorite projects. A new casinos online is worth highlighting - an aggregator with very broad capabilities. Mobile games have their advantages and disadvantages - let's take a closer look at the main ones.


Let's look first at the positives of mobile gaming. They:

Cost little or even free

Due to high competition, developers often use a
free-to-play model, in which access to their games is free. They make money on something else - this will be a minus point, but you can try it for free and decide how much you like the game, and only then decide whether it is worth spending money on it. Even if the project is paid, they still ask for a much lower amount than for games on PC or consoles. This has been the case for a long time, and the developers simply cannot sharply raise the price tag - this will bring down sales.


Once upon a time only primitive games of several genres were released on phones, but times have changed and now - already on smartphones, you can find anything. Platformers, action games, role-playing games, even strategies are presented. The choice is very wide, so that everyone can find a game to their liking, and for gamblers there are versions of online casinos (like with a design adapted for smartphones.

Killing time well

If you had to travel for a long time by public transport or wait for your turn somewhere, games are a great way to have a good time. You just need to get a smartphone, launch something interesting, and the hours will fly by.

Allows you to play in augmented reality

On computers, the experience from Pokemon GO and similar projects cannot be repeated - this is possible only on mobile platforms. Augmented reality games are fun to play, but they also keep you moving, which is good for your health, and you will also discover many new places with them.


You don't need to buy a special device to play a mobile game - although there are powerful gaming smartphones that allow you to run demanding projects with the best graphics settings. For most of the mobile games, these are not needed, you can run them on almost any smartphones. They will always be with you, among them there are such simple ones that your grandmother can figure out in a couple of minutes, and there are such complex ones that they will make a hardcore player with great experience sweat.

Capable of evoking nostalgia

Most of the classic games of the 90s and 00s can be played on mobile. Some of them are officially reissued, others require an emulator - but you can run almost anything. To recall the old days and wipe a nostalgic tear from your cheek, and even not spend too much time on it - what could be better? Yes, and new games "semi-antique" also come out a lot, some of them come across interesting.


Mobile gaming also has its drawbacks. Among them:


By giving away the game itself for free or cheap, the developers still found a way to profit from it. This is a monetization system - experience for fast leveling, special items, heroes, even story lines are sold. In theory, such a system plays into the hands of the players themselves - they can only pay for what they need and ignore everything else.

Alas, in so many games, the monetization system is designed in such a way as to squeeze as much money out of people as possible. If you don't pay enough, it becomes less enjoyable and sometimes exhausting to play. That is, for example, the need to wait a while before there is an opportunity to make another attempt to complete the task. This is very common. Games are filled with meaningless actions that can be missed for money - in a word, they are deliberately made worse so that, by paying a little, you can remove unnecessary obstacles.

Simplification of the mechanics

In comparison with analogs from consoles and PCs, the mechanics of mobile games are greatly simplified. This is partly due to platform limitations, but it is often done unnecessarily. Sometimes developers simplify the controls so much that only a couple of buttons are involved, and the game itself becomes uninteresting. The specifics of mobile games are clear and simplification is natural, but this requires a balance. After all, there are games on smartphones with sufficiently deep mechanics and convenient control at the same time - you can do them, you just need to have the skills and desire.

Endless and repeatable gameplay

If you like to play games, then on smartphones you will find little interesting. Games on them are usually focused on keeping the player behind the screen as long as possible. They get rid of the plot - after all, it will end, and the player will leave, the gameplay is made looped - this is good if you need to kill a little time, but it does not give a feeling of completeness.

There are disadvantages to mobile games, but they are offset by obvious advantages that make them indispensable in some situations - for example, when you have nothing to keep you busy for several hours on the road. Among them, you can find elaborate and exciting ones.


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