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Burn your calories, not your heart. Are you losing your hope by gaining weight? Have you tried different classes to lose weight, have you gotten bored by taking different weight loss meal plan, but didn’t get any drastic results? Are you upset about all these things? In short, do you want to lose weight quickly, and are you in search of brilliant ways that can help you out in achieving your goal? So, just don’t worry, we are going to describe to you some of the most effective ways which will work like magic, and will amaze you by giving such an astonishing result that will make you fly in the air.

As we all are aware of this fact that losing weight is one of the most difficult and long procedure. It may also be sometimes boring and hard for some of the people. Because during all the procedures you have to burn more calories then what you eat, and being consistent for a long duration can also be a hurdle for you sometimes. One will definitely face some stages where you will feel demotivated towards your goal, or you might feel depressed sometimes. But if you really want to lose weight, then you must have to be consistent with your target. You have to understand this thing that you are a human being so on this journey for losing weight, you may face these all problems, So, what you have to do in those situations, is to just stay focus and calm, and never give up.

So, let’s just get in to shape, and lose weight by these tremendous ways that will help you in the most effective way.

Drink A Lot Of Water, Especially Before Your Meals

You must have heard this old saying, ‘sometimes when you think that you are hungry, you are actually just thirsty’. Well, it really fits perfectly for those who are on a journey to losing weight. When it comes to reducing weight, it is a primary step to drink a lot of water, according to dietitians and fitness trainers recommend to drink approximately 2 liters of water in a day.

So, it turns out, drinking water to reduce weight is not just a myth. Drinking around 16 OZ of water 30 minutes before taking your meal. This trick is provenly beneficial for reducing your weight at a fast pace. It activates your metabolism and allows it to work fast, gives you energy and keeps you hydrated over the day.

Adopt Habit To Eat Mindfully

Sometimes, you have to play with your mind. Yes, in the track of reducing weight sometimes you have to cheat yourself, but don’t you worry this innocent cheating with your own mind will be favorable for yourself.

Kill the ‘I am hungry feeling and statement’, distract your hunger feeling, it is a hard task for yourself but you have to do this in order to get a perfect shape for your body. According to a study of Dr. Caroline Cederquist, says that it takes at least 20 minutes for your stomach to register that you have eaten. Also eating while watching TV, driving, talking causes us to eat much more because at that time we didn’t realize how much we are eating. So, this study really makes us think about adopting a mindful eating habit.

Try To Cut Calories From Your Meals

People often start a crash diet and start to stop eating all things, which is not right. Although, it is very dangerous for health. Stopping to eat everything instantly may cause weakness in a person and may also bring serious health issues.

Try to take a very healthy diet and try to cut calories from your meal. So, it is recommended by many dietitians to make a proper meal plan containing all kinds of nutrition. Don’t forget that your meal plan should be healthy, calorie-free but should be enriched with high proteins and vitamins.

Be Active, Do Aerobics, Yoga And Go On A Long Walk

Yes, you may sometime feel very sluggish and lethargic due to diet or by eating small portions you may feel some weakness. But you have to be active during the procedure of losing weight. Take long walks, do aerobics, yoga or other exercises which can make you super active.

Don’t burden up your diet in your mind, try to engage yourself in daily routine tasks so that your mind can be diverted in those tasks. Try to move up your body in any form. The moves that you can have by aerobics, yoga or by going on a walk can make your body tissues and calories to burn up faster.

Take 6 Small Portion Meals In A Day

Eat more than a regular day, but don’t forget to eat small portions. You can start your day with eating a fresh apple, then you can take your favorite healthy food like oats cereals, etc. after every 3-4 hours but eat in small portions.

Drink Black Coffee And Green Tea With Squeezed Lemon In It

A warm cup of green tea with a squeezed lemon in it will make your metabolism work like on a booming pace and similarly with the black coffee. So cut down on milk, tea, and coffee and just start to drink green tea and black coffee it will not only refresh you also really help you out.

Satisfy Your Craving Smartly

We all crave different favorite things, like chocolate, ice cream, etc. While reducing weight you have to play smartly in working out and in your eating habits as well. So, kill your cravings smartly by having an alternative way or by having sugar free things. For example, if you are having a craving for chocolate then you can satisfy it by eating dark chocolate, so just play smartly.


So, all these were just some tricks and tips which will help you out for accomplishing your figure goals. Try this on and one most important thing which you have to maintain is your consistency. It might be a long journey so don’t get irritated or dishearten at any stage. Just be focus and consistent so you will definitely get your required results very quickly.


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