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  • Written by GroupTogether co-founders Ali Linz and Julie Tylman

Out of the mouths of Aussie Mums...

GroupTogether co-founders Ali Linz and Julie Tylman, spoke to Aussie Mums to reveal the real deal when it comes to baby shower etiquette.
Julie and Ali are organisational experts, co-founders of GroupTogether and experienced Mums (7 kids between them).

Champagne and Wine
One Mum who is hosting a friend’s baby shower asks: “What is the deal with alcohol at baby showers?”
The consensus is yes! Just because the mum to be won’t be drinking, doesn’t mean that the guests can’t enjoy a glass of champers or wine.
 One Mum says:  “It makes them bearable.”
Another adds:  “Have a delicious non-alcohol cocktail option for the Mum to be.”
An alternative is a high tea with coffee, tea and delicious cakes.
Do we have to play games?
The agreement here is it depends on the Mum to be and if she would enjoy them.
Many Mums agreed with the following comment: “These games make me cringe.”
You know your friend and whether she would enjoy playing some games or whether she would despise them…
Baby Shower for baby #2 or #3?
This one has people divided. Some say skip and others say enjoy a tea or lunch on a smaller scale. One Mum suggested turning the second or third baby shower into a charity initiative by donating money to a charity such as 'Miracle Babies' 'Red Nose' or 'Dandelion Network'. This can be done  by using a group gift collection site such as
Many other Aussie Mums said the best option for subsequent babies is a baby sprinkle:

A mini baby shower is known as a baby sprinkle. If you believe that every baby is a miracle and should be celebrated, then host a baby sprinkle with a charity element for your friend.
Group Gift is better!
Most Mums have their hearts set on certain items. They don’t want their family or friends to choose their nursery décor or baby clothes. They love the excitement of purchasing gifts for their baby themselves. The baby shower/sprinkle co-ordinator can set up an easy group gift collection and raise funds or a voucher to give to the Mum to be. She will be very grateful to have a voucher or cash to go on a baby shopping spree! You will also save her the hassle of returning unwanted or duplicate items. GroupTogether researched the best baby shower group gifts for 2017:

Designer Baby Bag
The High Chair
Travel Stroller
Electric Swing
Travel Cot
Nanny or Childcare Service
Food Delivery Service
Professional Photography Shoot
What do you buy for the second/third/fourth time Mum?
This Mum usually has the essentials and non-essentials. Go for a group gift voucher so the mum can either purchase something specific that she needs or she can even spend it on herself. Another special idea is to purchase a pregnancy massage voucher or pamper package that includes a mani/pedi and massage.
How to ensure that you don’t get left short as the baby shower organiser?
Instead of getting guests to bring an envelope of cash and coins or chase the guests deposits or lack of deposits into your bank account, set up an online group collection where everyone can contribute towards the meal or group gift online. GroupTogether ensures that no one gets left short.
How many weeks should you be when you have your baby shower?
This varies between 30 weeks and 36 weeks. It can also depend on whether the Mum to be is having a high or low risk pregnancy. If the Mum is having a high risk pregnancy then the earlier the better.


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