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Drink driving is one of the most dangerous things you can do, and the law will punish you for it. Alcohol can affect your ability to think clearly and will affect your ability to concentrate especially when driving. Alcohol affects your ability to make safe driving choices which could lead to a disastrous turn of events.


Real Risks of Drink Driving to Your Health


As mentioned earlier, drink driving is punishable by the law. If you get behind the wheel following a couple drinks, you could end up with a DUI charge. But sometimes the law is not enough to deter people to stop doing it. If the law is not enough, a clear understanding of what will happen to you if you drink and drive should do the job of discouraging you to avoid doing this reckless behavior.


  1. Possible injuries.

Drink driving can increase your chances of being involved in an accident where you can get injured. In the US, drink driving is responsible for hundreds of car-related injuries every day. Since alcohol impairs your ability to drive it’s not a surprise for someone who has alcohol in their blood to be involved in a car accident and get injured


The severity of your injuries will depend on the details of the drink driving accident you were involved in. If you are lucky, you may come out of the accident unharmed, but if not, there’s a possibility that you may have a fatal injury.


Reasons Why Drink Driving Leads to Injuries


Driving responsibly means not driving after consuming alcohol. There are multiple reasons why driving under the influence should be avoided.


  • Drink driving clouds your judgment while on the road.

Alcohol also affects the part of your brain that’s responsible for making proper judgment and reasoning. Drink driving greatly affects your ability to make appropriate decisions while on the road leaving you at risk for car accidents.


  • Drink driving can make you fall asleep while on the road.

Too much alcohol can make you fall asleep easily while on the road. Falling asleep while on the road is not something that you want to do because it may lead to a tragic car accident. For instance, if you fall asleep and your foot is on the pedal causing the car to increase its speed without you knowing it. This could cause an accident and not only hurt or kill you, but others as well.


  • Drink driving can impair your vision while on the road.

Too much alcohol in your body can give you blurry vision or double vision which significantly affects your ability to drive. Having poor vision while on the road is one of the leading causes of car accidents.


  • Drink driving is notorious for making you drive in the way of oncoming traffic.

Driving in the way of oncoming traffic is an accident waiting to happen. This tends to occur with drunk drivers because they fail to see traffic signs properly.


If you don’t want to be involved in a car accident and get injured, you have to start driving more responsibly and avoid driving while intoxicated. Remember that you are also putting the public’s safety in danger every time you drive while drunk.


  1. Drink driving can result in further health problems.

Just like what medical professionals always have to say, having too much alcohol in your body is bad for your health. Here are some health problems that may arise if you drink too much alcohol:


  • Heart disease

  • Liver disease

  • Stroke

  • Sleep disorders

  • Depression

  • Internal bleeding

  • Hypertension

  • Diabetes

  • Some types of cancer

  • Memory problems

  • Digestive problems


The list of health problems related to excessive alcohol drinking could go on. So if you don’t want to suffer from all these health issues, you should consider a lifestyle change from here on out.


  1. Drink driving can lead to your untimely death.

One of the worst things that can happen to you when you have alcohol in your body is to end up in a fatal car accident that can cause your untimely death.


Here are some of the most common causes of drink driving fatalities.

  • Speeding

  • Driving in the wrong way or another lane

  • Running through red lights and stop signs

  • Falling asleep while driving


Drink driving is really not worth it, and it’s something that you should never do. The consequences are just too great. Aside from the legal implications that you have to face when caught by the authorities, you are also putting your safety in danger as well. You will probably suffer from life-long injuries and serious health problems for the rest of your life if you continue to drive after consuming alcohol. It’s okay to drink alcohol but just don’t drive after you’ve consumed some. It’s best if you let a sober friend drive you back home or call a taxi.

Jean Clark is a professional writer and loves anything to do with law in business or in the public. She is family oriented, and she loves spending her free time with her family.


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