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Every year, thousands of Sydneysiders deal with dental anxiety. That gnawing fear of sitting in the dentist’s chair is nothing unusual, but it shouldn’t stop you from seeing your dentist at all, especially since modern technology has made most procedures a virtually carefree experience!

And, at the end of the day, what’s worse? Leaving a dental problem to exacerbate over time, or making that much-needed appointment to ensure that the problem is fixed and you can simply get on with your life?

There are so many treatment options that should make this form of anxiety obsolete, but many people carry their childhood fears with them back from the days before wonderful achievements like sleep dentistry.

Today, there is really no need to worry about going to see your expert, especially when you have these tips there to help you keep it cool before your visit:

  1. Receive sleep dentistry

The best dentists in Roseville will offer sleep dentistry to anyone who experiences serious dental anxiety. So many people have put off trips to their expert for so long that they aren’t aware of this awesome new procedure, in which you will be sedated to the point of proper relaxation.

Many people who experience this kind of fear report great results from undergoing sleep dentistry, especially as it helps them to keep calm and stay relaxed throughout their treatment. This treatment is designed to alleviate the worry from visiting your dentist, so it might be perfect for you!

  1. Focus on your breathing

When you come into the waiting room, instead of anxiously sitting there scrolling through Instagram, why not try a meditative breathing technique to help you relax? It is as simple as focusing on the breath coming in and out of your nose, as this helps to calm your heartbeat and anxiety.

Sure, anxiously scanning your phone might seem like a good distraction, but it doesn’t help the anxiety, especially when you’re continually reactivating your reward system! Working towards entering a more meditative state is much more advisable for relaxing yourself whilst waiting in the clinic foyer.

  1. Thoroughly consult your expert

We all have fears and concerns going to the dentist. Unfortunately, we sometimes get so stressed about them that we forget to consult our experts about what, exactly, is freaking us out. But your expert is not only there to perform the procedure - they are registered health professionals who can also help reduce or even alleviate any worries you have before you come in for treatment!

So, take a moment to notice what it is that is worrying you about your visit. Once you pinpoint that concern, why not get in contact with your professional or hold a secondary consultation? This will help put some of your fears to rest, as dental anxiety often stems from unnecessary fears.

  1. Take a loved one with you

Going to the clinic can be stressful alone. You sit there, anxiously envisioning the next hour or two, and you wish you had your loved one there to comfort you. So, if you are having serious anxiety, why not take that loved one with you? They will surely be there to help calm your fears and hold your hand before you go into the office - that’s what loved ones are for, right?

Be sure to follow these tips for reducing dental anxiety and, of course, be sure to consult your expert about sleep dentistry if you think it might be perfect for you!


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