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If you are somebody who feels that they are in tune with the forces of energy that course through everyone and everything, then it is very likely that you have at least dabbled in the world of feng shui before. Feng shui is the process of arranging furniture and fixtures in a space to allow for the best flow of energy in the area, and lots of spiritual people pay particular attention to this when they are renovating and/or redecorating the rooms in their homes.

You hear about a lot of feng shui advice in rooms like the bedroom or the living room, but what about the kitchen? Is that as important with regards to energy flow? We are here to tell you that yes, it is absolutely as important, if not even more important. If you are in the process of changing your kitchen and you want to make sure that you give your home the best possible chance to be one with flowing and positive energy, then here are some of the best ways to optimise your kitchen with feng shui.

Make Sure You Can See the Door from Your Stove

The key to commanding positive energy in your kitchen is making sure that you still are in control of the room when you are standing at the stove. This generally means that you want to position your stove in a place that still allows you to see the main door. In feng shui terms, this direct and clear line from stove to door suggests that you will be able to catch and cease all of the opportunities that might come your way in life.

Double Your Amount of Burners 

According to feng shui principles, the more stove burners you have, the more opportunities for wealth you are said to be presented with. So essentially, an abundance of burners can translate into prosperity and success in your chosen career path. If possible, the energy will flow better if you have a single large double stove rather than having two smaller ones next to one another.

Rotate the Use of Your Burners

We all tend to have a favourite burner on the stove that we like to use the most, but to get a better balance of energy in your kitchen it is recommended that you rotate the use of the burners to ensure that every part of the stove gets a fair share of use. It’s all about equal opportunities and sharing the tasks among every part of your apparatus.

Place Quartz in Your Refrigerator

Your kitchen fridge is important in terms of energy because it represents how you nourish yourself. Something you can do to improve and enhance the energy in and around the refrigerator is place a piece of clear quartz crystal inside one of the drawers. This will have no adverse or bacterial effect on any food, but what it will do is help to keep your fridge full of positive qi and brightness.

Don't Cut Corners on a Deep Clean

Nobody enjoys the process of a kitchen deep clean, but one thing you absolutely can’t do energy-wise is to cut corners. Get rid of any out of date goods in the fridge, make sure that all counters and the kitchen sink are spotless, and give the floors a good mopping. If you leave any part of the kitchen ignored, then that will affect the balance of the energy within the room.

Remove Any Chipped or Broken Items

We all have a few items in the cupboards that have seen better days. If you have mugs, cups, plates, or jars that are chipped or broken, it will greatly improve the energy of the kitchen if you get rid of them and leave only items that are in an undamaged condition.

Opt for a Predominantly White Design

If you are redecorating, then the recommended colour scheme to optimise feng shui energy is white. White is a pure, clean, fresh colour, and in a kitchen it also has the added benefit of being able to make the colour of your food choices pop even brighter and better.

Don’t be put off by feng shui. The pseudoscientific principle of harmonising individuals with their surroundings can result in great interior design for your kitchen, even if you’re not convinced that it will impact the flow of energy in your home and affect your life. 


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