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Fly screens are designed to keep insects from your space, but they also have other benefits. They keep bugs, debris, and pests out while adding to your home's aesthetics. Fly screens are suitable for all door and window openings and can be pulled across or down, fixed, or automated. Below are seven reasons to install fly screens at home.

Maximize the view

Installing fly screens is an excellent way to blend the outdoor and indoor spaces seamlessly. They allow you to enjoy the outdoor environment from the comfort and privacy of your home. Additionally, pleated and retractable flyscreens are ideal options for homeowners who don't want screens at all times. You only use them when you need to.

Enhance pest control

Pest invasion is one of the significant reasons homeowners keep their windows closed. However, installing fly screens keeps mosquitos, flies, and other unwanted pests and insects out of your home. Pest control is critical during warmer seasons when you want to leverage the natural breeze but can't because pests are most rampant then. Fly screens come in various styles and lengths and can be customized to seal off specific areas completely, letting you relax and enjoy your space without worrying about pests.

Improve security and safety

If you like leaving your patio and front door open, fly screens will give you the protection and peace of mind you need. The security-focused variations on basic fly screens built from solid materials are meant to prevent unwanted entry and access to your space. Their solid frames and net structure offer protection from burglary attacks because they’re hard to tamper with.

Enjoy more natural light

Doors and windows are the most significant factors affecting the amount of natural light entering your home. This is why you should keep them open and clean whenever you can. Retractable screens are the ideal solution when opening windows and doors, and they also enable you to create a larger space perception.

Reduce energy bills

Fly screens enable breeze and light to enter your home unrestricted. It serves as natural ventilation while offering natural light. This reduces heat build-up in your space and ensures that your cooling system doesn't work as hard to regulate indoor temperatures, reducing energy usage and bills. Additionally, you can utilize natural light instead of keeping the lights lit, saving more energy.

Let in fresh air

After installing fly screens, you can keep your doors and windows open to enjoy fresh air without worrying about pests and flies invading your home. The fly screen’s mesh serves as a barrier without restricting airflow, increasing ventilation and air circulation. This ensures a regular clean air supply in your home while promoting a happier, healthier environment.

Eliminate the need for chemical pest control or sprays

While insect repellants, sprays, and other chemicals can keep flies and all unwanted pests at bay, some have harmful chemicals which are detrimental to respiratory health. Installing fly screens is an excellent way to keep pests out of your home without using chemical pest control or sprays, preserving your respiratory health.


Installing fly screens in your home can be very beneficial. Consider investing in them to enjoy these benefits.          


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