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How much do you pay for water each quarter? How much do your neighbours pay? Are they paying less than you – or more?

If you are a resident of Adelaide, your water supply comes from SA Water. They implement a standard rate for supplying water across the state of SA, no matter where you live.

Here we will discuss how SA Water determines the water bill for individual households and the average water bill in Adelaide. This will give you an idea of what your neighbours might be paying for water. At the end of the article, you’ll also get some bonus tips on reducing your water bills in Adelaide.

How is the water bill calculated in Adelaide?

If you look at the water bill sent to you, you will see the bill has two parts. There is a basic charge you pay for having the water connection. This is a flat rate, and every household needs to pay this amount whether they use any water or not. There is no way to reduce this.

The other part of the bill is variable and depends on your water usage. You can control this part of the bill by changing your water usage habits.

What is the current price of water in Adelaide?

SA Water revises the water price every year to ensure uninterrupted service. Currently, they charge $274.40 per year as the basic mandatory fee. The same rate is applicable for both metropolitan and regional areas. The amount is divided equally and added to your quarterly bill.

Your water metre reading determines the other part of the bill. There are three pricing tiers, and the one you’re on depends on your daily threshold of water usage. Refer to the following table to understand the pricing for the years 2021-2022.


Usage threshold per day

Price per litre


0 to 383.6 L

0.1966 c


383.6 L to 1424.7 L

0.2806 c


Above 1424.7 L

0.3040 c

How Can You Save on Your Water Bill in Adelaide?

The above table shows you need to pay more per litre of water once you cross the threshold. So, you must try to keep your daily usage in check to reduce your water bill. Try the following, and you will see the results on your next water bill.

  • * Use water-efficient modern appliances.

  • Use a dishwasher because it needs less water than hand washing.

  • Use the appliances only when they are fully loaded.

  • Use sink plugs. Don’t let the water run down the drain while rinsing utensils.

  • Recycle greywater from the washing machine, toilet sink, and other sources where the water is not contaminated.

  • Replace or fix leaky fixtures.

  • Replace the showerhead. Get one that uses less water per minute.

  • Use dual flush or no flush toilets.

  • Cut down your time under the shower. Save the long luxurious showers only for the weekends.


Once you have a clear idea of just how water bills in Adelaide are calculated, it is easy to control it. The choice of your appliances and fixtures has a significant impact on your water bill. Invest in water-efficient appliances to save money in the future.


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