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You always want to ensure your assets are secure and safe when moving. However, this becomes more challenging when dealing with fragile items. Notably, most of these delicate items might be expensive to replace, while others have dear memories you don’t want to lose. Regardless, you need to strategize ways to ensure you handle them well, especially if it’s your first day. If you live in Sutherland Shire, you must look for material to wrap some of your fragile items in the house and garden.

Some fragile items you can have include flowers, plants, liquid cleaners, glass picture frames, and drinking glasses. If you have no idea how to pack, you can consider contacting removalists Sutherland Shire since they have skilled staff who can handle any fragile item. Furthermore, they can provide packing materials to ensure your items are safe. This blog will explore ways to handle fragile and valuable things during home move.

  1. Take Your Time When Packing

Most times, people break fragile items due to rush. Packing in a hurry can lead to poor item handling, which can slip and fall or get damaged. When planning g to move, start packing early and take your time when doing it. Take one item at a time and ensure you have safely packed it. If you are afraid of handling or packing, you can contact a professional removalist to help you. They can also teach you how to do it so your next move will be less stressful.

  1. Use the Right Packing Material

How you pack your fragile items will determine their safety both on the road and in the truck as you move. There are many inexpensive packing materials that you can use to pack your fragile items. If you don’t find any material in your local shops, you can improvise using suitcases, towels and bed linens, clothing, trash bag, and plastic storage. When [packing, add some wrappers to protect your fragile items from bumps, vibrations, and hocks.

You can also contact removalists to provide materials with high cushioning ability. They can provide moving boxes, polystyrene structures, corrugated fibreboard, and heavy-grade paper.

  1. Configure Your Items Correctly

When you find the suitable material, you must pack your items properly. Each item needs a specific technique to store. When packing the plates, you need to put a plate on a piece of paper and fold it so it is fully covered. Do this to other plates and stack them together. For the glasses, you can place crumpled tissue paper inside each glass. Understanding the techniques to pack perfectly helps ensure your fragile items are safe.

  1. Label Your Boxes

Another essential step after packing your items in boxes is labeling them and indicating they are fragile. This ensures anyone coming into contact with the package can handle it. Additionally, show the way up the box for proper handling.

It’s a Wrap

Here are simple tactics to use when moving your fragile items. If you are still unable to pack, you need to contact an experienced removalist that offers packaging services to help you. Don’t forget to communicate clearly with your movers to avoid confusing the boxes or mismanagement. Show them packages that contain fragile items.


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